Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Movie Review : Cirque Du Soleil : Worlds Away

The movie is a love story but it is mostly an advertisement for the audience to see these shows live. Each segment of the story focuses on parts of the live shows that you can see in Las Vegas such as O, Ka and Love. Story starts with Mia walking into a circus and is intrigued by The Aerialist whose poster she is given to by a carney. She goes to the tent where The Aerialist is performing and as he is doing his routine he is distracted by her and falls towards the ground but instead of being hurt he is sucked into a sand hole and transported to a fantasy circus world. Mia takes a closer look into the hole and is also dragged into the fantasy world. Once there she goes from tent to tent looking for him and is shown performances while asking them if anyone has seen The Aerialist. Each show has its own distinct feel and look. One is water based with a floating boat battle, while another is a battle between good and evil on a rotating rectangle. There are fun ones such as a trampoline performance with Elvis music playing in the background and another with Beatles music being the theme. She finally gets to the final performance and finds The Aerialist and they are drawn to each at first glance and perform a one on one aerobatic dance on a rope.

Verdict : As a movie it is hard to review as its not in the traditional sense of a movie. Being someone that has seen Cirque shows in person I can appreciate the beauty and talent it takes to do something like this. I have not seen the shows that this "movie" is based on but it does show a good idea of what to expect if you saw it live. As a whole it is an adequate representation of the live shows but it does not compare to the actual show. So for me while enjoyable it is a take it or leave it if you want to see it on the screen but for sure you must catch one of them live as you can not fully appreciate what you see on screen to what you see in person.

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