Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BGS Submission Update Three - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Corey Seager Base Photo Variation Short Print Now Graded and Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5

Well with the two disappointments done I can move onto the last 4 cards of the week that brought a smile to my face.

First up is super prospect Corey Seager. Why he is still trolling around in Single-A ball I have no idea. But that means more time I can watch him in person and hopefully acquire more autographs before he is promoted to Double-AA.

** Edit - Seager was promoted to Double-A last week. No more autograph opportunities for me till he hits the majors.

Bought this card on the cheap as stated in its original post. I wanted a graded version of it but the couple of sellers that had it wanted way too much for it so I did my research and went the ungraded route and when I acquired this card I was pretty confident that it would grade out to a gem mint 9.5. Thankfully it did and I now have a spiffy short printed card of a young superstar in the making.

3 down and 3 to go.

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Corey Seager Top 100 Die Cut Parallel ( 15 / 99 )

This card was on my watch list for such a long time that it started on the bottom and then was on top and then back to the bottom again. This is due to that fact that it was on a continuous 30 day auction with no set ending.

Why didn't I purchase it when I had the chance the first time around? I tried to nickel and dime other auctions with the hope I could acquire them at a lower cost than this one was going for. I wanted to buy this card at no more than half of book which is $15. Each time I was close though I would be out bid at the last minute. One time it was for a penny more. Great bidding by that winner as I don't use round numbers and obviously he didn't either.

Well I was watching two more auctions that ended within hours of each other and Corey was really tearing up Single-A ball and it showed in the hobby as both of those went for close to $14. Only 99 copies in the world so the availability was starting to dwindle and with that thought I went back to this card. Cost? A little over $9. I will never understand some people on eBay as it seems that they don't look for other auctions with the same card and rather bid up on the one they set their sights on. It's good for me as I now have my Corey card. And yes, all I was trying to do is save about a buck or two. Nickel and diming at it's best.

15 of 99

Monday, July 21, 2014

Follow The Penguin On Instagram

First and foremost thank you to all that read this blog whether it is a daily thing or the occasional look in. I have had fun writing about my card acquisitions along with the meet and greets with players. The best part though has been meeting new people online whether it has been only via Twitter/Blog such as Derek, Judson, Nathan etc. or actually face to face like Alex, Greg, Aus, Jesse, Josh, Franz etc. Sorry if I missed anyone. No offense intended.

I didn't need to do a post on this but it is a tad self serving as I have finally started to post on Instagram and will do more on there going forward. The blog will be here everyday and anything baseball related will probably overlap but I just wanted to put this out there so I can acquire more followers on IG plus I would love to follow more as I enjoy every one's acquisitions and travels as well.

Thank you again and may everyone have a great week

Instagram ID - DodgerPenguin
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A pattern it seems
= )

BGS Submission Update Two - 2013 Bowman Sterling : Julio Urias Base Autograph Now Graded and Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5

The second of 6 BGS submission results has Julio here coming in second worst. Considering I thought it would be the worst of the 6 I guess I should be happy it wasn't at the bottom of pile. I am and I'm not.

As stated in the submission post I expected this to be the one card that I expected not to come back gem mint but was surprised and happy that it did. Of course if this card is shown this early in the week you know I had to have some issue with it. As with yesterday's post involving Joc Pederson, Julio also came back with a mint grade of 9 on the autograph. That is now 4 autograph cards in the last two batches to come back with that grade. WTH BGS? The only reason I am not as disappointed with this outcome as I was with the Joc card is that I expected this one to grade out as a mint which means it was better than I thought it was which is always a plus and I really really really wanted the Joc card to be gem mint all around. 

Well I guess I can always submit Julio's twin here and see what I get but I probably will restrain myself from doing that.

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Julio Urias Bowman Black Collection Autograph ( # / 25 )

Well, well, well....

Look what I got my hands on.

After all the Urias blog entries this year I had said repeatedly that I probably would never get my hands on this redemption card as there are only 25 copies in existence and I have seen at least 7 closed auctions on eBay which I was out bid on each and every one of them so I was resigned to the fact that I would just have to try get this card when it went live ( aka redeemed for those that don't know the term ).

This copy came up on the bay and of course I put it on my watch list with the assumption that I would get out bid once more. Well with funds still in hand from the ball purge and now some added extra from paperback sales I raised my ceiling a little. Well I am happy to say that when the auction ended I was the highest bidder and from past eBay sales of the same card I am also the one person that "paid" the least. Some sales closed over $150 and the next highest to my win was $88. Mine was lower than that with no actual funds coming out of pocket. Yippie.

Now when this comes in I pray that it is in great shape and will go and have it graded.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

BGS Submission Update One - 2012 Bowman Chrome : Joc Pederson Base Blue Refractor Autograph Parallel ( 62 / 150 ) Now Graded and Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5 BUT....

So.... This is the first update post from my most recent BGS submission which had a total of 6 cards in the batch. I went so far and thought I was pretty brazen when I said that I expected that 5 of the 6 should grade out to a gem mint 9.5. I was confident once again in my pre-grading techniques but still crossed my fingers and wished for the best.

With that said and this being the first post of the week and it received the gem mint grade and I always post worst to best that would seem that I had a pretty good return on the cards. I did BUT this is the card that was the most important and even though it received a gem mint grade it is the most disappointing of the 6 hence why it's result is posted first. Why am I disappointed ?

= (

Yeah, that's why. A 9? Really? What did his autograph do to deserve a 9? I have heard from other people that have stated that BGS hates incomplete signatures on cards. Uh, this is his signature and its complete. Then there is the faded pen excuse as why an autograph earns a lower grade. Well nothing like that here as well. So now I have a gem mint card with a mint autograph. Sigh. Its better than the BGS graded refractor card I had of Joc but its not the grade I think it deserved.

Beautiful card of hopefully soon to be center fielder

Overall gem mint

What is wrong with the autograph?

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Joc Pederson Top 100 Die Cut Parallel ( 97 / 99 )

This is probably the last Top 100 insert that Joc will ever be in. He should hit the majors sometime this year and I just can't see Bowman throwing him into this insert for a 3rd year in a row. Of course I could be wrong. I am that occasionally. = )

99 copies of these exist and like last year I had to get my hands on one. Auctions were sprinkled on eBay since the card was released and I lost out on each one of them. Book still has this card at $20 so my cap was basically $10 give or take. Each auction exceeded that amount until this particular copy had so little action on it that I won for the massive price of $5.50. I was one of only three bids on the card. Don't know why that was. I know it's not perfectly centered but other than that it is a great looking card. Thank you to everyone for not bidding against me.

97 of 99

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tier One : Juan Uribe Base Autograph ( 68 / 299 )

Now I am really starting to feel dirty.
As stated in my Uribe Archives post recapped HERE this is the first year I went searching for Uribe's autograph on a card. I was able to snag a redemption card for an autograph from the Archives set and I believed I was all set on the Uribe front. Or so I thought.

The Archives card will make it to me someday but then I saw this card on the bay. Sigh. It's on card and ready to ship. Do I really need ANOTHER autograph of Uribe? Probably not but what the hell, if I can get it cheap why not. Well the prices were going for almost $20 right out the gate since Tier One was just released. That is not a deal. Kept my eye open to see if anything would drop into my price range. As expected prices across the board continued to drop until I picked up my SECOND Uribe autograph for just a little less than 2 foot long sandwiches from Subway.

Ok, I am really done with Uribe autographs.
Really I am.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Hyun-Jin Ryu Base Blue Parallel ( 325 / 500 )

So if you had an extra penny lying around what would you do?
That's up to you but I decided to buy this card that was a set need from this year's Bowman release.

Seller had this card up for a starting bid of a single penny. Shipping was so low it almost wasn't there. Well the final day came along for the auction and there was zero action on it. Could I get so lucky to win a card for a copper coin? Yup. Minute left and I put my bid in with a little wiggle room in case it got bid up. No one else bid so I won the card for the starting asking price. Woo hoo.

This blue Ryu left me smiling and wishing for more auctions like this. I can hope can't I?

325 / 500

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Miguel Cabrera Base Autograph ( 30 / 50 ) AKA eBay Bucks Quarterly Purchase

It's that time of the year again.

I love each quarter when it is time to redeem the bucks that I have earned the previous 3 months. The last "purchase" was an autograph ball of the 2014 All Star Game MVP and two time AL MVP runner up Mike Trout. Well I am still trying to reacquire all the autographs I sold off during the ball purge so what better autograph to get than the man who beat Trout each of the last two years for the MVP. One Miguel Cabrera.

Miguel has been a great player since he burst onto the scene with Florida and helped them win their first World Series. He was then moved to Detroit where he will probably finish up his career. It has been a great one so far and he is a sure fire Hall of Famer. The 3000 hit and 500 home run club will probably welcome him in before his career is over. He is only 31 and he has 2100 hits and 379 home runs. Being in the AL helps as he can slide over to DH in his waning years.

I didn't want Miguel's autograph on a Marlin card so that narrowed my focus to Detroit cards. Secondly it couldn't be a sticker autograph. That narrowed my search even smaller. I wasn't a big fan of the Museum autographs of Miguel as they looked a little crammed onto the card. With the prices being comparable I decided to turn my focus to my second favorite (Bowman Chrome is first) brand, Topps Five Star. I didn't want the patch card so that gave me only 75 cards to work from. There is the base autograph numbered to 50 and then the rainbow parallel numbered to 25. It didn't matter to me which one I got my hands on. It just had to be a nice copy and considering it was Five Star it could only have minimal corner "issues".

Found a seller that didn't have much history on eBay but his feedback was perfect. The auction was to conclude in the middle of June which was about 2 weeks till my eBay bucks would be available to me. As I have done before I contacted the seller asking if he would trust me to not pay for two weeks after the close of the auction if I won it. Thankfully like the other times I have done this the seller said no problem. Now I just had to win the card. He had a reserve on the auction and would not tell me what it was but with eBay bucks in my back pocket I could put in a bid a little higher than I normally would to secure a hard to acquire card.

Auction was coming to a close and the high bid was at $67 and some change but the reserve had not been met yet so even if I was the high bid it wouldn't mean I would win the card. I had a feeling I knew where his reserve was set and I put a larger than normal bid in and with it the reserve was met. Two seconds later I was declared the winner.

2 weeks later I sent him payment via the bucks program and a week after that I had this great looking Cabrera card in my hands. Nothing out of pocket and I reacquired a high priority autograph for the collection.

Looking at it in person I believe it would grade out to a mint 9.0. No way does it receive a gem mint but I still might submit it as I would like it encased and have a spiffy 9.0 assigned to it.

30 of 50

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Upcoming Player Appearance / Signing : Joc Pederson @ Frank and Sons On September 6, 2014

Top ranked Dodger super prospect is scheduled to make his first public appearance on September 6th.

Scheduled as hopefully he is still with the organization.
Scheduled as he would have to be called up by then to do this signing.
Scheduled as he has to be healthy.

With that said I think the Dodgers will do the right thing and not trade him and he will be called up to the majors and will make this signing. Prices are reasonable right now. While I don't think Joc will explode onto the scene like Puig, Yasiel has made two public paid signings. 1st one was prior to the 2013 season and the cost for an item was $30. For hiis 2nd appearance the price jumped to $150. Get Joc while you can.

  • Flats up to 8x10 - $29
  • Flats larger than 8x10, Balls, Bobbleheads - $39
  • Bats and Jerseys - $49
  • Inscriptions - $15
  • PSA certification - $10

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Archives : Juan Uribe 1981 Mini Autograph

Well, well, well...
As stated in the previous posts of Dusty Baker and Bill Russell which involved autograph cards from this year's Archives set there were a total of 3 cards I was searching to acquire. I finally got my hands on the last of the 3. The one and only Juan Uribe aka Uribear.

Never was the day I thought I would actually search for an Uribe autograph card. The first 2 years of his 3 year contract were so horrendous that I like most people called for him to be released. Well year 3 came around and it was such a 180 from the previous 2 that he received a well deserved 2 year contract this past off season.

I have never been able to get his autograph at the stadium and my not knowing how to speak Spanish has put me at a disadvantage. I went looking for autograph cards of his prior to the season but as expected there were none with him in Dodger blue. Well, Topps fixed that with this card. Even though it is a redemption card I am a patient man and can wait for my autograph Uribe card. Not sure how many of these are being produced but I lost on a few auctions before procuring this one. Not too much was spent ( less than 3/4 of a blaster box ) on it but considering I don't expect to be hunting down too many Uribe cards in the future the price was perfect.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Jacob Scavuzzo Base Chrome Blue Refractor Autograph Parallel ( 136 / 150 )

 ... and the quest is finished.

I have hunted high and low for this blue autograph parallel of Jacob's since Bowman was released and I kept losing and losing on auctions due to the price going above my cost ceiling. I ended up acquiring the black parallel prior to this one which is a rarity. So rare in fact that it is my only black refractor autograph in my collection.

According to the price guide this card's value still sits at $50. Some of the auctions I have lost out on have gone over $40 hence why I haven't acquired the card till now. Another auction another bidding war. This time though I ended up winning as there were less bids than all the other auctions I was involved in. More than 50% off of book netted me my final Scavuzzo card from the Bowman set. I am officially done with one player project within the set and closing in on finishing the others.

136 of 150

Monday, July 14, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Bowman Chrome : Corey Seager Base Blue Refractor Autograph Parallel ( 4 / 150 ) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

I got an eBay itch that just needed to be scratched. I had the above BGS 9.5 Seager autograph card already in my possession but I am always looking to upgrade to the blue parallel of any Bowman Chrome autograph that I might have. Seager is tearing up the California League and is getting hotter and hotter in the hobby as each day goes by. Still, he is a prospect and he could flame out or never make it to the majors. But if I could acquire the blue parallel I would be very happy with that. I just had to figure a way to get it without spending much, if any money out of pocket. Most sellers on eBay are/were asking at least $400 but each one did have a best offer option attached to the auction. A little back and forth with a couple of them yielded nothing of note. One seller and I though came to an agreement without me committing to it just yet. I told him I wanted to have funds in hand prior to completing the transaction and he understood that just as I understood if someone else came along and bought it I would left empty handed.

So what should I sell to get the necessary funds to buy my new Seager card? Obviously with a blue parallel I wouldn't need the base refractor so that was the first one in the sale pile for eBay. I decided to reach out to some fellow bloggers and twitter friends and get their insight and opinions on the matter. In the beginning of my plan and even though I was highly hesitant to add a Kershaw autograph to the sale pile I knew I would get a premium price for his cards right now. I didn't want to and my heart really wasn't into it. Derek and Aus from Twitter reaffirmed my thoughts and basically said I would be crazy if I did that. I pulled the Kershaw out of the potential cards and moved onto another subject.

I have plenty of Kemp autograph cards and knew I was willing to sell at least one to fund this purchase. The trick was to find one that still held some value as most of his cards had gone down in price the past two years. One thing I wanted to make sure to get rid of was a sticker variety as those are annoying to me. With that thought I knew which one to include.

Even though I love that Matt is in his Brooklyn uniform the autograph is on a sticker and I have another autograph of Kemp in his Brooklyn uniform that is an on card version. That made this card expendable. With it being numbered only to 10 I knew the scarcity of it would help it sell. I was right in that thinking as the sale of the Kemp card was close to $50. I added that to the stack with the sale of the refractor BGS card of Seager that brought in close to $100. So with the 2 bringing in close to $150 combined I still had a little ways to go and knowing I wasn't going to sell a Kershaw card I had to figure another avenue to acquire some funds.

After talking to Aus and Derek I ended up talking to fellow blogger Greg as well on the purchase I was trying to put together. I contemplating on selling my BGS Puig card that hails from the 2013 Bowman set. It is a non autograph card but probably would net me somewhere in the ballpark of $80. Was also thinking of selling a couple of other Kemp autographs but there was nothing else that either would sell at a reasonable price that made it worth my while or one that I could live without. So no Puig and no more Kemp. I was finishing up a TPB story line that I could sell and add those funds to the collection pile. Did just that and it netted me a little over $80. So almost $230 in total now. Still needed a little more so I thought about it and came up with something I was comfortable with.


5 Dee Gordon autograph rookie cards that were part of my rainbow project that hit a wall as I could not find a purple or red to complete the set. I went with the thinking that you sell high and buy low. I bought each one of these prior to the 2014 season for a total of a little over $25. I sold them as a lot thinking some people would rather have them all at once instead of searching for them individually (which also keeps my shipping costs lower). I was right as the sale netted me close to $50 which when added to the almost $230 I already had put me a little south of $280.

I know some people, including the ones I asked for their opinions, might think I overspent/paid for the Seager card. In the long run, money wise at least, they might end up being right but I look at it this way. Didn't need the Seager anymore so that was a wash. Kemp was expendable due to me having more than 20 autographs of the Matt and the one I got rid of was a sticker autograph. While the Dee bundle was a lot and wiped out all but 2 of my Dee autographs in my collection I was able to hold onto all my Puig and Kershaw cards (which would have brought in the most money). I like Dee and think he is a great guy but I didn't feel as much attachment to these cards as I do to a nice gem mint card of Seager. I love any and all Kemp cards but when it comes down to it I could spare one even though it was a limited one.

All that netted me this great card :

2 10's

The new crown jewel of my Seager collection.

I ended up spending nothing out of pocket and even though I gave up 7 autographs for 1 I think it was a good deal and I am happy that I did it. Though the Dee part of it irked me a tad I am already working on acquiring a new Dee autograph that will make any bad taste that I might still have from this transaction disappear.

Attended Game Recap : Padres 0 @ DODGERS 1 On July 12th, 2014

It's been awhile since I have been to baseball game and even longer to Dodger Stadium. Life happens sometimes. It was finally time to head back to blue heaven on Earth. I decided this would be our one game this year were we would sit in the all you can eat buffet in the baseline section. Since I haven't been to the stadium I obviously haven't gone autograph hunting as well. Getting this seats also served that purpose.

The game went by fairly fast till the late innings but was void of any really action or drama other than Yasiel Puig getting ejected early in the contest for arguing balls and strikes. The Dodgers finally broke a 0-0 tie in the bottom of the ninth with a sacrifice fly by A.J. Ellis. With the walk off win it gave the Dodgers the best record in the National League. Go figure. With all the drama and issues the team has the best record in their league and the fourth overall in baseball. They need to pull away from the pack when the second half begins. The Giants are still only a game back and even with their problems are not going away anytime soon. Pick it up Dodgers.

With decent food in my belly it was time for me to go pre-game autograph hunting. Alex of Chavez Ravining and his buddy Dikran came down from Fresno to take in their first night time game. We met up prior to the game so I could get them in 3 hours prior so they could take in some up close batting practice. Dikran ended up going home with a ball as he got one that bounced into the seats. Congrats. Josh aka Dodgerbobble was also in the house as he was looking for more autographs to add to his massive collection. I had my big pile of pictures in hand as I was looking to add more to my modest collection.

During actual batting practice there was not much signing going on by the players. As I only saw two and only one that I wanted/needed. J.P. Howell tossed a ball into the stands and was asked over by other fans to sign. He decided to come over and then proceeded to sign for fans along the 3rd base wall. I rushed over and was able to get a 8x10 of him signed.

Went back to my seat as batting practice finished up for the Dodgers and everyone went back into the dugout. Most players did not sign as they went by. Miguel Rojas did but I was not prepared with a photo of him. My loss. Former Dodger player and current coach Davey Lopes did stop and sign for fans and I was lucky enough to be the last one he signed for. He looked at the photo and started saying that isn't him. Look at that fro. No way is that me. Ha Ha. Thank you for signing Davey.

Next up was the SportsNet broadcast team but I only saw Nomar in attendance. No Orel or Jerry. Nomar did sign for fans but was very business like and not overly friendly. He asked everyone what's your name as I knew he was going to personalize each autograph. I have no problem with that as I have no intention of trading or selling the autograph. Did ask him to spell my name right though with two "T's". Thank you for the autograph Nomar even though you weren't really personable.

That pretty much ended my dugout autographs so I headed back to my area and had some more food and waited for the beginning of the game when Kemp, Puig, Andre and others have and might sign. During that time Luis of the blog LgCollectibles got my attention as I still owed him a Ken Landreaux autographed 8x10 that he won from one of my contests. This was the first time I met Luis and we chatted awhile till I noticed a few balls being hit into the stands so I had to head back to the wife to "protect" her. Congrats on the win again Luis and great to finally meet you.

Game time was upon us and the only two players out to sign were Dee Gordon and Andre Ethier. Dee was further down the line and I noticed he only signed for a few people and walked away so I stayed in the Andre area and even though he signed earlier in the day at a paid signing he accommodated each fan and signed for a good 10 minutes and took pictures with multiple people. I know some people have issues with Andre but I am not one of them. He has always be a great guy to get an autograph from and today was no different as I picked up a 8x10 of him. Thank you once again Andre.

Now Kemp and Puig were the only two left that I hoped to acquire before the game but Puig never came out on the field to do his pre-game stretches and even though Kemp did he did not sign for anyone. Oh well, next time.

4 autographs at the stadium and another 2 earlier in the day at the Butera signing. Not a bad day.

Great to finally meet Alex, Dikran and Luis. It's nice to put a face and voice to internet friends. Always a fun time with Josh. Till next time guys. Go Blue !!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Clayton Kershaw and Alexander Guerrero Base Blue Parallels ( 39 and 97 / 500 ) and a Few Extras

Searching and searching for all the blues that I still needed for my 2014 Bowman set and focused on Alex one day and found it coupled with Kershaw and then some.

Most Guerrero and for that matter Kershaw blues were going for more than $2 a pop so when I saw these two together with a starting price of 99 cents they received my full attention.

Kershaw 97 of 500

Guerrero 39 of 500

The only problem was that they were not alone. They had blue buddies with them in a 11 card lot. As I have already done a couple times this year pertaining to my Bowman needs I intended to win this auction for my own 2 personal needs and then flip the remaining back onto eBay. It's worked before so I saw no reason it wouldn't work again.

Unlike the last couple of times I ended up winning the auction for a lot less than I thought I would. $4 scored me the whole lot of 11. I would have been content with paying that for just the two cards I needed. With that low cost I may now just trade these or contest them out at some point. If anyone sees something they can use feel free to contact me.

Player Appearance Recap : Drew Butera @ Sports Authority on July 12th, 2014

It has been a long time ( 8 months give or take ) since I attended a free public signing. Its been even longer if I don't count the Dodgers Mall Tour from last year. I used to attend almost all these signings whether they were at a cell phone store, Best Buy, Living Spaces or Sports Authority. Part of the reason is that the last few I would have been interested in were big name players ( Kershaw, Gonzalez ) which meant the lines were excessively long and I didn't stick around for a hour signing when I knew I wouldn't get an autograph. The other reason is that if wasn't a big name player I already had the autograph of whichever player was appearing. With that said it has been a very long time for me when it came to a free signing where I would have to wait hours for an autograph.

Well it was announced a little while back that Drew Butera was going to do an appearance at a local Sports Authority and if this was done last year I wouldn't have gone as I would not have wanted to use a ball for his autograph. No offense to Drew but I was wasting too many baseballs on bench and/or spot start players. If you weren't a starter or a retired player I wasn't going to use a baseball. Well with my ball purge I am now into 8x10's and I knew I was going to go the game on the same day and had baseline seats which ups your chances for autographs. But if I could guarantee an autograph why pass on it? I have this photo of Drew and Beckett from Beckett's no-hitter and want both players to sign so if I could get one half by spending a couple hours in line why not? I also have a picture of Drew pitching so I hoped to get that signed as well. Sometimes you can sneak a second autograph request in when the player is a big name.

Off to Sports Authority I went. I arrived around 8:30 for the scheduled 11 signing. I was about the 7th person in line. Of course when it started I ended up being the 13th. We all know how that happens. Drew showed up right on time and started signing. I still wanted the two items signed and hoped I could get it done. Sometimes the promoters start enforcing their one per person rules. My priority was the 8x10 of Drew and Josh Beckett. A nice 2 subject project for me.Hopefully I can get Josh to sign it as I don't think he will be with the team next year. Till then here is what it looks like without Josh's autograph.

Drew and Josh

My other picture I wanted signed was of Drew when he was called upon in a game early this year to pitch in relief. I think it is a unique picture to get signed as he being a catcher he probably doesn't see many of these to sign. He gladly signed it for me. Woo Hoo. Two autographs for the collection in the span of seconds.

Drew as a pitcher

Drew was cordial and friendly and engaged the fans. Thank you for showing up and signing for us and thank you to Sports Authority for hosting the event.