Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My 2014 Post Season Predictions

Officially my last blog entry of the month and I will show how I think the MLB postseason will play out.

On the American League side I think the magically season of the Royals will have them get past their wild card opponent Oakland A's for a date with the Angels where I believe the Angels will hold serve and beat them in no more than 6 games. On the other side of the bracket I believe the Orioles will prevail versus the gauntlet of  the very good pitchers of the Detroit Tigers. If the Tigers had home field advantage I would have taken them but I think the Orioles will claw and scrape their way to the ALCS versus the Angels.

The Angel pitching staff is not the best but in a 7 game series their offense led by Mike Trout will be able to hold off the Orioles in what I think will be a 5-6 game series. The Angels will have earned a return trip to the Fall Classic for the first time in 12 years where they will face the representative from the National League.

Sad to say as I don't want it to happen but I believe the Giants will go into Pittsburgh and beat them on Wednesday to face the Nationals in the LDS. Thankfully though I think that all the injuries will catch up with Frisco and the massive advantage of the pitching staff of Washington will put the Giants out to pasture in no more than 5 games. For what it's worth if the Pirates win the wild card and advance to face the Nationals I feel they will receive the same fate and lose to them but in a more competitive series that I think would go at least 6 games. The Nationals are destined to reach the LCS this year.

The other series is going to be a heated and very highly contested one. Not because I am a Dodger fan but I believe they will win in 4 or 5 games. The only reason I am saying that is because if it comes down to a game five it will be at home with Kershaw on the mound. He will not lose two years in a row with the season on the line. If the Dodgers did not have home field advantage I would slightly lean to the Cardinals in a short series. Neither team is going to get swept here.

Last time the Dodgers and Nationals (Expos) met in the playoffs the Dodgers prevailed in a very competitive series with the Blue Crew coming out on top and advancing to the World Series. I see that happening here again as they will eventually get past the outstanding pitching of Washington and will not be fazed by playing game six and possibly seven on the road as they had the best road record in baseball. It will take the Dodgers 6-7 to beat the Nats as they will not go down easily but in the end I believe the drought will come to an end and the Dodgers will be back in the World Series for the first time since 1988 to face their I-5 rivals the Angels.

This will come down to the superior pitching of the Dodgers against the clutch if not better hitting of the Angels. The Dodgers with Kershaw, Greinke and Ryu pitching in 6 of a possible 7 games that gives them the advantage by a very good margin. Their bullpen is what will probably determine if they win or not. The Angels bullpen has gotten better as the season has progressed. The Dodgers still might score on them but the Dodgers bullpen is more inclined to implode than the Angel's. The Dodgers will not stop Trout and probably not Pujols as well. What they will have to do is stop everyone else from adding to what the top duo do during the game. The Angels have had very timely hitting as the Dodgers have been hit and miss at times.

I think in the end facing the Angels is the best option for the Dodgers. I believe the Tigers would beat the boys in blue but I think that the Dodgers pull it out in a thrilling 6-7 game series against the Angels. I don't see either team losing in less than that but I believe that Kershaw winning two games and Greinke one will have the Dodgers only needing to scratch one out from some other pitcher which I think they can accomplish and finally become World Series Champions for the first time since 1988.

Those are picks and thoughts. Yours may vary but it will be fun to watch it unfold.

Go Blue !!!

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Yasiel Puig Base ( 75 / 75 )

The priciest Five Star Dodger has finally been acquired.

I am actually surprised I picked this up at such a great deal. Book value has this sitting at $150. I wanted it for the collection but not at that price. Even with this being one of the rarer rookie base cards of Puig that is a high price on a one year player (at the time). Nonetheless I kept my eyes open for it.

A seller put this up for sale with a $150 BIN with best offer attached. Put it on my watch list and let it sit there for a few days. Looked at it again and he dropped it to $115 BIN and again, best offer attached. Decided to send him an offer that night. He was located on the east coast so I had to wait till the morning to see if he would take the offer. Of course some one might come in and buy it at $115 but I decided to take that chance.

Woke up the next morning and received an email stating the seller accepted. Woo Hoo. What made this deal even better is that there was another auction running on a different copy of this card that ended a day later and it sold for $180. $30 over book. Glad I picked this up when I did.

Looks to be in great condition for a Five Star card

75 of 75


My 2014 Season With The Dodgers In Pictures

Regular Season is over with the Post Season starting in a couple days. My 2014 Season with the Dodgers recapped by pictures.

Opening Day in San Diego on March 30

My 1st game of the season at Chavez Ravine on April 6

Jerry Reuss and I from April 13

Bill Madlock and I from April 13

Signed photo from April 13

1st foul ball EVER caught at a stadium on April 18

In person autograph of Ryu at stadium on April 18

Met Mickey Hatcher on May 13

Wife and I at Quakes game on June 14. The Force was not strong

Wife and I again on June 14

Carlos Correa from June 14

Julio Urias from June 14

Mark Appel from June 14

Matt Herges from June 14

Another Julio Urias from June 14

Corey Seager from June 14

Franz and I having fun with our balls on June 14
Wife in the background with our friend Josh

Drew Butera from July 12

1st  of 2 photos by Drew from July 12

Second photo by Drew from July 12

J.P. Howell from July 12

Nomar Garciaparra from July 12

Davey Lopes from July 12

Andre Ethier from July 12

Howie Kendrick and I from July 26

Signed photo from July 26

Wife and I at Quakes game on July 26

Our group at Quakes game on July 26

Tremor from same game

Julio Urias from July 26

James Baldwin from July 26

Julio Urias from July 26

Majestic horses outside Angel Stadium on August 7

Wife, Eric and myself before Dodgers slaughtered the Angels on August 7

Joc Pederson from September 6

Ball from Joc from September 6

Photo from Joc from September 6

Outside of Texas Rangers stadium on September 11

Inside of stadium on September 11

Mom in law with a ball I got for her on September 11

Panoramic view of Stadium from September 11

Wife and her mother and I on September 11

Dodgers clinch division on September 24

Fireworks celebrating the win

Team celebrating together on September 24

Josh signing at La Gran Fiesta on September 27

Chad signing at La Gran Fiesta on September 27

Me and ... ? on September 28