Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Movie Review : Silver Linings Playbook

A romantic comedy of a different sort is probably the best and easiest way to describe this film. The movie's title takes from two different themes within the movie and life. People like to see the "silver linings" in hard times and "playbooks" are used in sports which football is a main subject here. So the title though confusing at first glance once you watch the film you understand why the title fits.

The story starts with Pat (Bradley Cooper) being released from a mental institution to the care of his mother. Once home at his parents home we see that he is highly bipolar and an incident with his wife and her coworker at the local high school Pat and they bother taught at is what caused Pat to be institutionalized for eight months. Pat starts on his road in his mind to get his wife back who left him after the incident which includes reading books that his wife used in her teachings. To say the least a lot of them rub him the wrong way which he takes out on his parents. His father ( Robert De Niro ) has his own issues as he is OCD and a major Eagles fan wife a start up bookie business which is putting a strain on everyone.

Pat is invited to a dinner party where he is introduced to Tiffany ( Jennifer Lawrence ) who recently lost her husband and is in her own downward spiral. The "courtship" if you call it that is intense and rife with hard one liners and unfiltered comments from both sides. Quite entertaining but if it was real life you could see them literally killing each other. Tiffany agrees to help Pat try to get his wife back by giving her a letter that Pat has written but can not be given by him due to a restraining order. What Tiffany wants in return is for Pat to join him in a dance contest which her husband always declined to do with her. Pat is torn by the fact that his dad wants to him to be around and watch football with him as he is good "juju" for the team. Tiffany is pulling him the other way for training for the upcoming dance and considering all the crazy personalities involved here they all make crude comments and mean gestures to each other.

The intersecting story lines come to the climax of Pat and his dad betting on the Eagles to beat the Cowboys in a winner take all bet with a fellow bookie and at the same time Pat and Tiffany are trying to have respectable appearance and not totally embarrass themselves at the competition. Pat's ex wife makes an appearance which complicates things even more with Pat and Tiffany and causes more strain for everyone.

Verdict : This was one of the better movies of the year and is in my top 5. Bradley plays against type and does it well and should be up for best actor in 2013. Jennifer looks and acts great while playing a crazy. Supporting cast does it's job and adds to the story. For some a confusing title but for all a THUMBS UP from me to watch this very enjoyable film.

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