Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bobblehead of the Day : Matt Kemp ( Fingers to the Sky Autographed )

So we have come to the top two in my bobblehead collection. Though the collection is small they are ones that are harder to come by or can be autographed which is my main hobby anyways.

Like a lot of people Matt Kemp is my favorite baseball player on my favorite team. So it should come to no surprise that my top two bobbleheads are of the same player. I personally love this pose over his other bobblehead which is the over the fence catch but that overall is my favorite for another reason. This one shows Matt crossing home plate after hitting another of his many home runs. He scores a run for the team as he shows appreciation and points up to the sky.

Since autographs are my favorite hobby and the main reason I got into the bobblehead collecting business is that I wanted to get these autographed as well if at all possible. Matt for the most part is an easy if not always crowded signing. If you try to go to Living Spaces for a free auto, good luck unless you are there the previous day. You can always go to a paid signing but I try not to that if at possible. For this one I decided to head to the stadium and get him to sign it right before the game as he does his stretches over in left field. As always it gets overly crowded and the commotion can cause problems with impatient fans. Luckily for me I usually am right up front and don't have to deal with anyone in my way. As like most days he came over and gave us about 5 minutes of his time to sign and as always he was kind enough to sign my item, this bobblehead. To me it looks great and makes a great addition to my collection. favorite bobblehead.


  1. love it! looking forward to a golden post with # 1.

    1. TY
      Hopefully this years will be just as good. Of course now I need that one autographed.