Thursday, June 22, 2017

Card of the Day - 2017 Gypsy Queen : Corey Seager Base Autograph Black and White Parallel (40/99)

I took quite a gamble considering this is a Gypsy Queen card and I acquired it basically sight unseen so I put lots of faith in the seller's feedback. Looks like I did alright.

GQ is a paper product and with that there always seems to be conditioning issues when I hunt a copy of a particular card down. I love black and white parallels and when I heard that Corey would have an on card autograph on said parallel I had hoped to land one at some point. Well this seller on eBay (perfect feedback) had 1 for sale which I originally passed on. 2 days later the same seller adjusted his auction to state he now had 2 copies and lowered the price by $15. It was now far and away the best deal on the auction site. Problem was that with 2 copies being available I had no idea which 1 I would receive so I crossed my fingers and hit the button to complete the transaction. Week later I had this in hand and other than a slight fraying corner on the back side there does not seem to be any issue. Not a bad transaction for me and hopefully I can turn it into BGS Gold.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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