Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Adrian Gonzalez ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

In celebration of Pitchers and Catchers reporting to camp today and some position players reporting early as well I bring to you one of the early arrivals, Adrian Gonzalez. This signature is part of a subset in my mind which I like to call "my great ebay buys" and this will be one of three in a row this week with Thursday a deal even my wife couldn't believe.

Adrian this year is basically a new Dodger as he was only in the blue for a little over a month last year. Once he arrived last year he was immediately popular with the fan base and especially the Hispanic part of it. As I discussed before that helps the Spanish autograph hounds but does not help me. I went to early batting practice and hung around but I was never lucky enough to get his signature but knowing he will be here for years I assume I will run into him at some point and hopefully that will happen later this week in Arizona. I have every intention to get all of my autographs in person for anyone that is still alive but til then I will always look to acquire them in some other manner til then.

Adrian recently did a signing last month and the charge was $69 on a ball then $15ish for a ball and if you decided to get PSA then tack on another $10 for a total of $94. A chunk of change that I did not want or would spend. Now this was announced back in late November but I was on the lookout for an autographed ball on ebay at the time and I found one that looked good and at the time the high bid was going for a reasonable price. Well the auction was coming to an end and I had a set amount I was willing to spend in my mind. With a few seconds left in the auction I put in that amount and it only raised the winning amount to $45 and it ended at that amount. I just won a PSA authenticated ROMLB Adrian Gonzalez baseball. $49 less than what is would have cost me in person. Hence why I consider this one of "my great ebay buys". Now if/when I get his autograph this weekend or later in the year I will put this one up to sell so someone else may enjoy it and I am sure I will get at least what I paid for it. But til then I will enjoy this autograph of one of the newer Dodgers.

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