Thursday, February 14, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Eric Karros ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

We finally come to the last of the three in my subset of "my great ebay buys". I became a fan of the Dodgers in 1981 but really started to follow them during the 1988 season and have been a fan since. The early nineties brought hope and a string of Rookies of Years for the team. As most people my favorite player was Mike Piazza at the time but I always like Eric Karros as well. I don't know why, might have been the hair lol, but i always enjoyed watching him play.

I have never been able to catch him at the stadium for an autograph and I haven't seem him do an appearance at a show in at least 5 years so I have never been able to acquire his autograph. I may never get an IP but I need this signature in my collection of one of my childhood favorites. So off to ebay once again. Now getting an authenticated signature from a non superstar player from the 90's and earlier can be a bit problematic. One there isn't a lot of authenticated signatures to be had and two there are a lot of toning and spotting issues.

I've been on the hunt for his autograph for a good 3 plus years and when I do find one it usually is at least $40 and even though I want it in my collection I feel that is too much to pay for Eric. Finally one day I found an Upper Deck authenticated ball up for auction with a staring bid of 99 cents with $5 for shipping. Reasonable to start of with so I kept my eye on the auction for the duration of the week. On the last day no on had bidded on it and thought there was a good chance of winning it at a low cost even though I was sure there would be a little bidding war at the end. So the minutes ticked down then it became seconds and I put my bid in at a tad over $10 to compensate if someone else bidded. Auction ended. And no one else bid. I just won an Eric Karros authenticated ball for 99 cents. I laughed at the situation for how I won and I had to go to tell my wife what just happened. Her comment was, " so the ball is worth $15 and the authentication process is $10 but you got the ball for 99 cents so by him siging it he just devauled your ball, you should just buy more of these type of balls so you don't have to pay $15 for a new ball every time". Ha Ha. Love the logic. So I finally acquired an Eric Karros signed ball and couldn't be happier but the how I got it was the best part.

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