Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Kenley Jansen ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Today we come to the second of three in my subset collection entitled "my great ebay buys". I have others that fall into this category but I am trying to go back and forth so its not the same o same each day.

I actually have Kenley Jansen's autograph on a team ball that he signed for me when I attended a game in Washington D.C. last year. More on that ball in the months to come. Even though I do enjoy team balls or multi signed balls for a specific achievement club or moment in history I always strive to get the players on a single signed baseball. I have seen Kenley many times at the stadium and in Arizona and I know he signs but it has just been my bad luck and timing that he never is when I am around. Again, I know somewhere down the road I will get him. So onto eBay I went to acquire an authenticated signed ball til I get an IP one. Not too many Kenley authenticated balls around as he is not a "star" per se. Finally one showed up and the seller had it at a buy it now for $32 or best offer. This was for sweet spot PSA authenticated ball which is reasonable but I didn't want to spend $32 if I didn't have to. So we did a back and forth and since no one else wanted to buy it I got it for $25. Not too bad to me as the ball cost $15 and authentication process is $10. So I basically got the signature for free which is a win in my eyes and didn't have to use one of the balls out of my supply to acquire it. Another good thing I found out was that the buyer lived only 5 miles from me so we met up at a local McDonald's to finish the transaction. No shipping cost added so more money saved. A great buy and one of my cheaper ones at that. But nothing beats tomorrow's purchase.

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