Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Sandy Koufax ( ROMLB Sweet Spot PSA Graded 9 )

In celebration of Sandy Koufax's appearance at Camelback this past week as discussed in yesterday's post I present to you my autograph of the Dodger Legend. I like most people did not get an IP signature from Sandy over the week due to the mob and his minimal amount of signing that he did. I never thought I would actually be in the man's presence and for sure I would ever get his autograph and this weekend did not to make me change my mind one bit. He is a man of few words and fewer public appearances so the odds of me getting that elusive autograph becomes increasingly smaller.

As I accepted that fate there would be no way that I was not going to add this great looking autograph to my collection of the greatest lefty in Dodger history. A title that hopefully goes to Kershaw at some point in the future. Koufax's autograph is one of the nicer ones out there. Its legible and clean. More and more players have become squiggles on a ball. Case in point take a look at Ichiro Suzuki. So off to ebay I went like usual when I can't get an IP autograph. Sandy's authenticated autographs are not cheap. Though there is a decent amount of supply out there demand still exceeds it which keeps the price up. As usual I decided to sell some of my duplicate autographs, sell some comics, etc so I didn't have to spend too much out of pocket. I really wanted a graded verision as this autograph would become my crown jewel of the Dodger portion of my collection. So the minimum I would do is a PSA 9 while holding out hope for a PSA 9.5. Watched a few auctions and the 9.5 version's prices were just skyrocketing too much for my taste so I decided to settle for the 9. After losing out on a few auctions as I do cap spending limit I finally won an auction where the total was actually about $35 less than I had put my limit at. I now was a proud owner of my own Sandy Koufax signed ball and it was graded mint on that top of that. I now had the lefty part of one of the most dominant lefty/righty pitcher combinations in history. Tomorrow we look at that right side.


  1. fantastic! I hope to add a Sandy auto one day, hopefully sooner than later.

  2. Its a great piece. Good luck on your search hope you get yours soon.