Monday, November 5, 2012

Signed Ball(s) of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Wally Moon and Charlie Hough ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

This past Saturday Hall of Fame Sports was holding another one of their Dodgerfest events at Frank and Sons. As always it remains popular and has a fair amount of people attending. The big draw was Magic Johnson followed by the Dodger Infield ( Garvey, Cey, Lopes and Russell ) of yesteryear. But I was actually there Wally Moon and Charlie Hough who don't normally do public signings or at least I have never them do one in the past. Wally Moon made famous the homeruns called "Moon Shots" that went over the left field netting when the Dodgers played at the Coliseum. I knew he "wrote" a book about his career and I was actually hoping he had it there for purchase as most Dodgers that have written books always use these autograph appearances to help also promote their books. I wasn't disappointed as he in fact had it there so I ended up with two autographs and some reading material for another day. The one thing I usually love about the old timers are that they almost always are more cordial and talkative than current stars but that might because there is more demand for the present than the past. Wally was polite and talked to each person that came up and even posed for some pictures. Had my ball and book signed and shook his hand. Man still has a firm grip for his age. Good for him. I was pleased with my purchases and meeting of a early Los Angeles Dodger great.

Charlie Hough was up next. As with Wally he had a great personality and greeted me and others with a smile and hello. The one quirk with me is eye contact. I hate when you go to a signing and especially a paid one and they don't even look at you. Looking at you Tim Salmon. Both Charlie and Wally made the effort and it is appreciated by this autograph collector. Charlie signed the ball and I said my thank yous and shock his hand and I was on my way.

Yet another great Saturday at Frank and Sons for some autographs and hobby shopping. Thank you again for Hall of Fame Sports for putting on the show. The only thing they need to work on is its will call. It sucks and can't get much worse. Hour and half for tickets that were pre purchased and with literally only 25 people in front of me is unacceptable. I think I might put up a picture next time of the "man" that runs the register for a fair warning to others to make sure you are not in his line. I personally seem to be unlucky every time and get him. And no I couldn't chose which line I wanted. Anyways, other than that it was another productive day.

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