Saturday, November 10, 2012

Harang to Zimmermann to Kemp to Victorino to Me


Bottom of the 2nd :

Dodger Pitcher : Aaron Harang
National Hitter : Jordan Zimmerman

Fly out to Center Fielder Matt Kemp
Tossed by Matt Kemp to Left Fielder Shane Victorino
Tossed by Shane Victorino to Me in the stands

.... and that is how I acquired one bucket list item and half of another. One bucket list for me is to attend a game at every baseball park and hopefully it happens to be a Dodger game. A secondary bucket list is to get a ball somehow ( not by buying one ) at the ballpark. The hard part of that is most of these parks I will only ever attend once. In Colorado this year I caught 5 during batting practice and then two tossed to me prior to the game. Kind of surprised it was that easy. Went to a game at Cii Field in New York and was lucky enough to catch a ball during batting practice as I was in the bleachers and it not being a Dodger game made it harder as I didn't have any sympathy from any Dodger players to toss me a ball. Well, the ultimate bucket list ball is to catch a home run ball and that may or may never happen for me as you have to be lucky and to be in the right place at the right time. Well "anyone" can get a foul ball during a game, which is funny since I never have gotten one, but there are only so many 3rd outs during a game and they don't always get thrown into the stands but I was lucky enough to get this ball and the lineage of the ball goes through Kemp which makes it all the more unique. I may never get a home run ball but this is the second closet thing you can get from a regulation game that isn't a foul ball. I hope to one day replace this in the case with a home run ball. Keeping my fingers crossed but not holding my breath.

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