Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bobblehead of the Day : Don Newcombe ( Signed )

Don Newcombe made an appearance once again at Frank and Sons in which he was part of another Dodger Day that they hold at least four times a year. I have met Mr. Newcombe before here and received his autograph on a ball but at that time I was not collecting bobbleheads. Since I do now I had to go look for the bobblehead and I am going to assume since it from 8 years ago that is why it is a tad pricer than other ones to acquire. I usually see them on eBay for at least $25 and sometimes ventures into the $30+ territory and this is before you include shipping. Well I kept my eye out and found this auction where it was not the featured item and I seller was nice enough to allow me to do a local pickup which eliminated the shipping charge. I ended up getting this bobble for just $12.50. Not too shabby if I do so say myself.

So off I went to Frank and Sons for Newcombe's autograph on the bobble and also was going to see Wally Moon and Charlie Hough for autographs on some balls ( see other post ).


Mr. Newcombe was cordial as always and shook my hand prior and post autograph. Love that he is still part of the Dodger family. Autograph came out pretty good. His "N" was a tad sloppy but it still looks great to me. Onto the next autograph....


  1. The auto came out nice! Is that Decco?

    1. It was. He said he is looking forward to signing this upcoming years statue. guess I got to get that signed as well now.
      ha ha

  2. How can i find out who you will have in the future

  3. How can i find out who you will have in the future