Friday, November 23, 2012

Movie Review : Life Of Pi

I've heard a lot about this movie but considering that I expected to see a visually appealing movie with a story that would probably leave me wanting. In actuality the opposite happened. I saw the film in 3D as I expected to set hings pop out and enthrall me but other than the the whale scene which has been advertised on tv I saw nothing that ooh or awed me. Story on the other hand keep me interested.

The film starts our with a grown up Pi ( which means he survived his ordeal which is a good thing ) talking to a French Canadian who wants to write the story of the Life of Pi which has been described to make you believe in God. Pi tells him that he is a practicing Hindu Muslim Catholic. I wouldn't want that conflict within my head. Pi begins his story with trials and tribulations of growing up in India and how his full name sounds like "Pissing" which gave him much ridicule at school til he made himself a legend by writing out the "whole number" of the math equivalent of "Pi" and was never made fun of again and went by his new shorten name of Pi. His parents owned a zoo and he helped around and even had an close encounter with a Tiger named Richard Parker against his father's wishes. Later on his parents had to sell the zoo and his father decided he was going to move the family to Winnipeg, Canada to start anew which Pi did not want to go as India was his life and had just met a girl that stole his heart. Complaining did not helped and he and the family boarded a ship that would take them to their new lives.

After some time on the sea Pi was awoken by a terrible storm and he wanted to see it first hand so he ventured out to the deck while everyone else slept. Something went wrong and soon the ship sank and Pi was the only human survivor as he was forced onto a life boat by shipmates before it went down. We see Pi out at sea with a Zebra also on board the life boat and a Hyena also snuck aboard and shortly a Orangutan comes floating by a little raft made of parts of the sunken ship. After awhile Richard Parker shows himself to also have snuck on board. And after some conflicts among the animals Pi and Richard Parker are the only ones left on the boat. With Richard Parker being an untamed jungle animal Pi must learn to co exist with him as they are both starving and thirsty and the minimal supplies are still on the boat which the Tiger has proclaimed is his so Pi builds a satellite life boat from extra boards and attaches it the main life boat so he may be near but still a safe distance away. Days then weeks go by and Pi and the Tiger slowly realize that though they never will truely like or trust each other they must work together and Pi starts to fish for Richard Parker and Richard Parkers learns to allow Pi to stay on the main boat as they drift on the Pacific Ocean.

They make it to a small island where they are replinshed with some food and water in the nick of time as a little longer they probably and had already accepted the fact that were about to die at sea. Pi realizes they can not stay here and they must push forward and eventually they hit the Mexico coast after at least 100 days at sea and Pi is rescued by people noticing him laying on the beach passed out. Richard Parker walks into the wild and is never seen again. Pi makes a full recovery and Japanese insurance adjusters for the ship visit him in the hospital and after he tells his story he gives another story that makes you rethink a lot of things.

Back to the present the writer is amazed at the story and the many layers that it has and can't wait to get the book started. We see Pi has a wife and two kids and are living happly as Pi has moved on from his adventure and is doing quite well.

Verdict : If you are going for special effect driven movie then I believe you will be disappointed but if you are open to taken in a story of self discovery and an adventure that has to be viewed in different ways then you will enjoy yourself. A THUMBS UP from me to watching this. I didn't expect to overly enjoy this movie but it suprised me and I am glad I saw it. It shows that God is everywhere whether you "see" or "feel" him. This makes you have to believe that you must look at the whole picture and/or trip that you have taken after it is done to fully understand what happened and not just pick one thing and make a final decision on that one aspect as you could be missing something important.

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