Thursday, November 15, 2012

Movie Review : Skyfall

Bond... James Bond, shaken and not stirred for the 24th time on the big screen and unlike the last entry in the series ( Quantum of Solace ) this one delivers on most fronts.

Film jumps right in with a grand chase scene that is one of the best I've seen in a long time. Many different types of modes of transportation are displayed here. It ends with Bond being forced into a faux death which as you can tell and just know does not suit him. Doesn't last long as he is drawn back into the fray by seeing his former employers being attacked. Once back he is forced to show he is ready to get back into the field as he shows wear and tear from all his adventures. Once cleared he follows all the leads to the villain of this story which is Mr. Silva portrayed by Javier Bardem. With yet another bad haircut, Javier delivers the best performance of the movie. Just like in "No Country For Old Men" ( which he a sports worse hair day than here ) when he is on the screen the movie is better for it. The connection between Bond and his nemesis that pushes the storyline along is plausible if not original. The chase is on which takes us on a ride from Bond's present to his possible future back to his past where we learn some things that make him tick. Once the final battle ensues between the two men all bets are off as the body trail is littered with people left and right. As it reaches its climax with Silva and a captive M ( Judy Dench again with a fine performance as Bond's handler ) by his side the battle from my point of view abruptly ends. I feel how Bond handles Silva was fine but the outcome of the battle could have been fleshed out a tad more.

Verdict : Whether you are a Bond fan, action fan, drama fan, etc this movie gets a firm THUMBS UP from me to view. This movie washes the bad taste of the previous film out your mouth and sets up at least two more movies featuring Daniel Craig in the role. Other than a few slow moments in the middle of the film and in my opinion the semi anti climatic ending this movie delivers. Not as good as Casino Royale but better than most action films, Bond or non Bond, out there.

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