Monday, November 19, 2012

Movie Review : Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 2

The phenomenon of the Twilight saga finally comes to a close with this entry in the series. Part 1 came out last year which ended with Bella being turned into a vampire. I have gone to all these movies due to taking my niece to the very first one and even though these movies are not usually my cup of tea, since I saw the first I had to see them all as I have to see how the story would end as I had no intention to read the books.

The movie jumps right in with Bella getting used to being a vampire. Her blood lust though severe is kept in check which impresses Edward as newbies usually don't have that restraint. A relative mistakenly believes Edward's and Bella's child was turned by them and not born like which is a big no-no among the vampire higher ups. Edward and Bella then spend about a hour movie time trying to convince fellow vampires and have them as witnesses that their child is pure so that the higher ups do not come and kill them. Ultimately they come to see the child themselves and pass judgement on Edward and Bella. After some talking and tit for tat they part ways. Movie ends with Edward and Bella sharing their courtship of each other and now presumably live on happily.

Verdict : You are going to see it or you are not going to see it as if you have seen the other 3 in the series you will want to see the last one like me. If you haven't seen any of them then there is no reason to jump on now. The review is this short as there really is no action whatsoever in this flick. It is a lot talking and scheming. There is a 7-10 minute stretch of a battle. That's it. So for almost 2 hours there is just talking, more talking and then a truce at the end. Again, I am not giving away spoilers as almost everyone that will be watching probably already knows what to expect as they either read the books or know what is going to happen from friends and family.

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