Monday, October 29, 2012

Bobblehead of the Day : Fernando Valenzuela ( Silver Base Version )

This is the second post in a series focusing on my new hobby of collecting autographed and variant versions of bobbleheads. This post was supposed to be about the legendary southpaw Sandy Koufax but I went to the post office today and Fernando had arrived so Sandy will have to wait for another day while we discuss another lefthander.

Just like the Eric Gagne bobblehead I also do not own the "common" version of Fernando but like Gagne I will get it evidently so I can display them side to side.

Commn Version
This in my opinion is the best version of the multiple Fernando's that the Dodgers have produced ( please no more ) as it shows him in his classic "eyes to the sky" look prior to throwing the ball. Unlike the Gagne pewter variant which is different in weight, material, feel, etc the Fernando variant is only differed by the base being painted in silver rather than the traditional Dodger Blue. Many sources have stated that there are only 500 of these silver base variants in existence. Like the Gagne, I was able to pick up this Fernando on eBay at a reasonable cost. Cheaper than the Gagne which kind of surprises me as Fernando has more of a following than Gagne ever had and still has to this day. Anyone that knows Fernando's signature knows that is quite long which will make it very interesting to see how I can try to get him to sign the hat. I've seen a few and it comes out adequate at best. Not sure if I want to risk it. In my opinion and maybe because it is the base and not the actual figure this variant doesn't really stand out per se but I happily add it to my collection and look forward to getting that next variant. Enjoy the pics.

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  1. I found one Valenzuela silver base . How much r these bobnleheads?