Friday, October 19, 2012

Stanley ( Cup ) and I

It took 45 years but our beloved Los Angeles Kings finally won the elusive Stanley Cup. Though I consider the Dodgers my one true love ( sportswise ) the Kings are a strong second. As with the Dodgers, us King fans have had to endure many heartbreaking and unsatisfying seasons. Year in and year out we had to see teams raise the cup when sometimes on paper it looked like we should have done so much better. Wait til next year finally became this year. We became the first 8th seed team to win it's sports championship.

Though I did not get to attend any of the Cups final I was attached to whatever tv was near that had the game on. The cup is a unique trophy as it has such lineage though the sports history. Unlike the other major sports, there is only one cup and it is passed year in and year out to the champion. Living in the South Bay area and most of the Kings players also residing here the cup made numerous tours but I either could not attend them or it was attended by literally thousands so I had no chance of getting close to touch and/or take a picture with the cup. I thought I would miss my chance to touch history.... til tonight.

L.A. Live was holding its first "Rocktoberfest" and Kings send out via twitter and email that you cold purchase tickets prior to the event and have your picture taken with the cup. I was not going to pass that up so I purchased my ticket and hoped that when I arrived that the line would not be long and to my delight it was not. I was finally in the presence of the Stanley Cup and I was going to have my picture taken with it.

Bob Miller and Jim Fox were on hand as well and I was fortunate enough to talk to both and have them sign individual pucks. Jim was having fun with fans jumping in and out of photos all night and Bob was a real class act and humble as can be. Reminds me of the great Vin Scully. May Vin be lucky enough to announce at least one more Dodger championship run before he retires from his hall of fame career.

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