Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dodger Select-A-Seat Day

The World Series is still being played and yet the Dodgers had their annual Selet-A-Seat Day this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Normally they have this event in late January after they know who is renewing their seats and who isn't, but they will still do another one next January, I guess they wanted to get a jump on it and hopefully keep the team in everyone's mind.

I like most people assume have to work during the day on Thursdays and Fridays so like usual I could not go up to the stadium but I didn't want to wait til Saturday as that is open to the public. So instead I sent a proxy ( co-worker ) to go choose a seat that I would want to upgrade to. I've been a season ticket holder since 2006 and have always stayed in the Top Deck due to the low price ( I have actually never sat in my seats but that is another story ). Last year McCourt decided to make the front row in every section more expensive than the rest of the section so I changed my seats from Row A to Row B to save 6 dollars a game. One row, no biggie in my eyes. This year though it changed too dramatically. The new regime changed the Top Deck to having the first 10 rows being priced more than the rest of section. So my tickets went from 5 game to 8 a game. I could also choose to move back but lets just say resale value is highly diminished the further back you go. I decided to look around and saw that they are now offering a Loge Level Value section. And at 10 a game that is not that much considering I would be able to move all the way down from the Top Deck. I normally seat on the Loge or Baseline Seats so I thought I would see what might be available. I prefer to seat on the 3rd base side but not surprisingly there were none available and I think that is because the renewals are not due yet. So I went to plan "B" and picked out two seats on the 1st base side. I am now the proud owner of Loge Level seats and these seats I will actually sit in. Since they are holding another Select-A-Seat in January I will be back to try to change over to the 3rd base side but if for some reason I can't I have a great plan "B" in my eyes. I can't wait for the 2013 season to begin already and that's probably what the Dodgers want me to think. Go Blue.

Old Top Deck View

New Loge Level View From Acutual Seats ( 1, 2 )

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