Monday, October 22, 2012

Movie Review : Paranormal Activity 4

So we have reached part 4 in the Paranormal series and like all franchises that reach this number and more so with the horror genre you can see where it is growing long in the tooth. We are now introduced to a new family that lives in Henderson, NV but before that we are given a refresher how we got here and we see Katie from the first two movies in the series as she leaves with her nephew Hunter and they have both been unseen since then. The family consists of the typical All-American version of father, wife and daughter and son. The daughter ( Alex ) and her little brother ( Wyatt ) are close as they watch from the outside their parents strained marriage. Alex and her boyfriend ( Ben ) witness a mysterious young boy ( Robbie ) around  neighborhood and find out that he lives next door with his mother who one night is taken away by paramedics and Alex's parents take Robbie in to help the mom out.

Now, if you have watched the first two movies ( the third was based in the past so not too tied into the other three ) this one follows the same recipe of the slow burn to the inevitable climax.  It is hinted that Robbie may or not be Hunter from the first two films as he states he is adopted. As Wyatt and Robbie become closer we see the relationship evolve more into a recruitment of Wyatt by Robbie but for what we don't know. Alex and Ben film everything that happens ( as the rest of the series as done ) and they bear witness to weird happenings within the house. One involves the XBOX Kinect which I found interesting and makes me wonder what mine does at home when I sleep. As the movie progresses towards its end the spirit(s) turn more violent as wee see what the true goal is of it/them. Is Robbie really Hunter? What role if any does Katie play in all this? And will people ever learn to leave a house if it makes noises when no noise should be being made?

The movie closes with yet another cliffhanger even though we see what could pass as an ending. If you have kept up with the series you know what they plan to do and branch off from this story so you need to stay after the credits to see that foundation being set.

Verdict : If you never saw the other one films you can pass on this but if you enjoy horror flicks or a completest in movie franchises then I give this a slight THUMBS UP to go and watch this but you can watch it at home and it wouldn't lose any of it's desired effect.

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