Wednesday, October 17, 2012

. . . I'm Back . . . It's Been Awhile

A year has passed since I was last on the blogging scene and mostly that was due to me losing focus and direction on what the past blog ( our town our dodgers ) was going to be about. I will continue to do Dodger posts obviously but no more comic reviews which were not really reviews but more whole story retellings that were long and drawn out. I will do the major movie reviews still but will try to do those better as they also leaned more towards storytelling rather than non-spoiler reviews. Up first will be Paranormal Activity 4 that comes out this Friday.

The main thing I want to and will strive to focus on is the collecting side of sports. I am an avid autograph collector and go to tons of athlete appearances. I have now started to get into bobbleheads but I really only want the special edition versions and on top of that I want them signed by the athlete. I will be posting those up shortly.

Though I don't expect many followers/readers, any and all will be appreciated and I would love any input that you might have.

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