Monday, October 29, 2012

Movie Review : Argo

Ben Affleck proves once more that he has moved on from the disgraced Daredevil and Gigli period of his life as he delivers yet another great directing presentation. This time though he steps in front of the camera as well to be the leading actor of a very talented ensemble cast.

Argo wastes no time in jumping right into the action. This movie is based on true events during the Iran hostage crisis back in the early 80's. We see how protesters finally take over the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran and Ben alternates between filmed footage and actual footage from news reports from the day. We witness all employees of the embassy being taken hostage except for six that literally slip through the back door and make their way towards the Canadian Embassy. The become hostages anyways due to them not being able to leave the house they escaped to. As the embassy is being run over the employees frantically try to burn all paperwork and any forms of communication so it does not fall into the hands of the enemy. How things have changed as a furnace and shredder were the go to devices for covering your tracks.

Canada is stuck in hard place as they want to help their friends in U.S. but can't harbor these people anymore as they are in danger as the tension rises within Iran. Back in the U.S. the government goes over multiple bad ideas to find the best of the worst on how to rescue the six. They decide on going with a plan of making a "real" fake movie which will have the six in the guise of a production crew on location for scouting. The U.S. sets up everything from a company that produces it, a reading in front of the media, passports and to the littlest things like the middle name for the hostages. The next hour shows how the tension mounts and all odds are against them as plans are changing hourly with the window of possible escape closing rapidly. They make it to the airport and must go through a few more hoops while trying to board the plane. Since most people that watch this movie know of the Iran hostage crisis it isn't a spoiler that they get out but unless everything fell into place at the right time this story would have ended much differently. At the time this happened Canada took all the credit for the evacuation as the U.S. could not be attached to this but years later it was declassified. Stay through the credits as we see pictures from the actual hostages and the actors that portrayed them. Most of them are dead on. We also get a voice over from former President Carter with some more insight of the situation.

Verdict : The movie moves briskly and doesn't stop til the end. Alan Arkin who plays the producer is the most enjoyable person on screen and deserves at least a supporting actor nod. Ben proves yet again that he has evolved and is flourishing as a director. Watch "The Town" for another of his directorial gems. I give this film a strong THUMBS UP. Also, if you don't like this film then you can go "Argo Fuck Yourself". Watch the movie and you will know what I mean when I say that.

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