Sunday, October 28, 2012

Movie Review : Silent Hill: Revelation

Annoyingly LOUD. This movie can be summed up in those two words either separately or individually. It is constantly loud which is always annoying but when it actually quiets down for a moment here or there for the most part is also annoying. It picks up after the first movie as we meet up with Sharon and her father ( Harry ) in a new city as they discuss new names as they are on the run from something or someone. Harry tries to shield her from the the truth but knows that she is tormented from what she experienced in the past. She ends up going to a new school and alienates herself from everyone except a young boy named Vincent who also happens to a new student. Sharon starts to see weird looking people all around town she senses she is being followed by someone that turns out to be a private eye. After an explanation of why he his being followed she makes it home to find out her father has been kidnapped by The Order of Silent Hill. It is there attempt to get Sharon back to the town as she must come back on her own free will and not dragged. The legend is that with her coming back she can "cure" the town of its evil and the little girl named Alessa who controls it. Vincent talks himself into accompanying Sharon back to town. As they near the town he reveals his true identity and tries to talk Sharon out of going back but she ventures on as she wants to rescue her father.

The rest of the movie involves her going through different parts of the town trying to find her kidnapped father and she confronts some interesting characters. The best being the faceless nurses that only move when they sense movement. A personal favorite of mine from the video games. All of this done though VERY LOUD with the cheap moments meant to scare you. Eventually she makes finds her father and after a battle she really doesn't partake in is rescued. There is a very anti climatic "battle" with Alessa. Once all is said and down the movie sets itself for another sequel.

Verdict : Comparing this to the recent Resident Evil movie, this one has more "depth" which isn't saying much for a horror franchise. I would have enjoyed this movie more if it was quieter and had more of an ending as they need to put this franchise to rest in movie land. A very slight THUMBS UP to watching it if you liked the first one but if you didn't, save your money and watch something a little less pressure on your ears.

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