Saturday, June 17, 2017

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Tribute : Clayton Kershaw Foundation of Greatness Autograph Black Parallel (42/50)

I went back to the well once again with an eBay seller that I have done countless transaction with in the hope I could snag steal on this card on a day that eBay was running a coupon special. The jury's still out but I in the end no matter what BGS gives this card I think I came out on top.

This is from the 2015 Tribute set which is notorious for being recalled because of condition issues. I have had some luck with cards from that set in the past and was looking to hit another home run on this Kershaw autograph. This books for $100-$200 in Beckett but the seller had this on a BIN for just $85. My mind thought there probably was a conditioning issue and once in hand there happens to be 1 corner with a slight fraying issue. Can it hold the line at a 9 so I can sneak out a 9.5 overall? Maybe but if not I can't see it getting lower than a 8.5 on that category and at worst a mint 9 is what this card would earn.

$85 seems like a slight steal but eBay was running a $15 coupon deal for any transaction that totaled at least $75. Considering this card had been listed for quite some time I reached out and asked my eBay friend what his best deal was and he said $75. So with the coupon added to it the cost to me would only be $60. So for a card that books for $100-200 I think $60 is a decent enough deal. What do you think?


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