Saturday, August 17, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Jose Altuve @ OC Dugout

Today was a busy day on the autograph front. I was all around town and picked up three autographs and as I type this I am preparing to go to Angel stadium to potentially acquire some others. So I will dedicate an entry to each autograph in the order of acquiring them. First up was Jose Altuve.

I started off the day by going to Frank and Sons to drop off a ball to get it authenticated and then I headed down the 57 freeway to OC Dugout to see Jose. He was the quietest of the players I met today. Not rude just very soft spoken. I really do miss my wife  when I go to these as she usually takes the pictures and everyone else just seems to make me blurry. Maybe its me and I am just a ghost. Anyways, got up the table and said my greetings and he signed on the sweet spot. Interesting signature as nowhere on it do I see a "Jose" or an "Altuve" but nonetheless its great to acquire an autograph of the only MLB player that is shorter than me. Got a picture with Jose and shook his hand and said thank for your time.

One autograph down and now to head back towards Whittier . . .

Jose signing the ball.

Blurry me with blurry Jose.

Jose Altuve? Yup

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