Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Season Tickets

We are less than 2 weeks away from Opening Day and I received my season ticket booklet today. Opening the box and smelling the newness of the tickets is a yearly tradition. As always the Dodgers put the booklet in a bag that is usable and this years looks better than the last few I have received. I've never used it going into the stadium but I wonder it would pass the measurements they try to enforce sometimes.

Tickets come labeled in their new slogan " A Whole New Blue ". I'm hoping for a whole new end result this year with a World Series win. It is the 25th anniversary since the last appearance and win in the Fall Classic. It's time we fix that.

Like last year the Dodgers have included the MVP card for season ticket holders and it was a great addition last year as you got to enter the park an hour earlier than the general public and then got to watch batting practice and up your chances to receive some autographs from the players. This is a welcome return for me. The only downside is last year there were some 17K season ticket holders last year and it has been reported that number is around 30K this year which means more competition for autographs. Oh well. I am sure I will manage just fine.

There are also some coupons and one that I really like is you can buy 4 infield reserve tickets to any game other than the Yankees, Red Sox and Opening Day games for just $8. I already know which promotion giveaway I am using that for.

The only disappointment for me is that there is no Sports Authority coupon for $10 included in the package this year. I always used that to buy one ROMLB there for less than $7. Oh well. I will just continue to get my discounts on eBay for those I guess.

Go Blue !!!

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  1. I've seen those cards on eBay. Can anyone use them? I thought they had the ticket holders picture on the card.