Monday, March 4, 2013

Movie Review : The Last Exorcism Part 2

The story picks up right after the first movie ends where we see Nell ( Ashley Bell ), who was possessed by a demon named Abalam, trying to find shelter in a young couple's home. She soon finds herself in a hospital being cleaned up and asked questions on who she is and any background that might help them help her. Getting nowhere with her they decide to put her into a home for women that have had hardships of some kind. With the movie being based in the city of New Orleans you see a lot of voodoo signs and symbols on the walls of the buildings. She is given a cross and you just know that will have some conflict with the two "religions" somewhere down the road. The movie for the most part shows Nell trying to fit back in with normal day to day life. She gets a job, goes out with the girls from the home and even attracts the eye of a young man. She starts to see things and feels that she is being followed everywhere. She finally meets up with someone that has been watching from afar and offers to help her with her situation. It is a slow burn up til the last 20 minutes or so where a group of people try to exorcise Abalam from Nell and finally set her free from the demon so she may live her life. In the end we see Nell leave the exorcism site and drive away to her new life.

Verdict : I really can't give a longer review as not much happens and can be generalized for the most part. First, how do you have a LAST exorcism with a part TWO. Last means last. They should have named this movie something else and dropped the two as it is really more of a continuation of the first movie and not anything new. The story is a slow burn and I mean slow burn to a climax that does have a moment or two of interesting scenes but at that point you probably have lost all interest in what happens to Nell as I did. I am sure there are people that will look at this as a good bookend to the first but I am not part of that group. The movie also sets itself for a possible third part as most horror flicks do, but I will not get in line for a THIRD part of a LAST exorcism. I had a hour and half to kill and this movie only cost me $1.50 to view and that was too much in my eyes. Wasted time and wasted money.

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  1. Great review. I really loved The Last Exorcism and was so excited for the sequel. But I got to say I left the theater feeling disappointed. I think this movie brushed off the great elements of its predecessor and left us with a simply average horror movie. And I don't know if the world needs another possession movie.

    If you get the chance, check out my full review on my blog. I review Horror Movies and could always use more feedback.