Thursday, March 21, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Hanley Ramirez ( 2008 All Star Baseball )

Today I was planning to go with the first of my two favorite non Dodger players in baseball but due to the news that was just released those two will have to wait til next week. It has just been reported that Hanley Ramirez will need surgery for his thumb that he injured while playing third for his country in the WBC. I am not of the group that is mad that players are playing for their country rather than participating in spring training. I am of the group though that says it should be played either during the All-Star break or more preferably after the World Series. What irks me the most was that he was playing a position that he will most likely not be playing for the Dodgers. If he was to play in the WBC he should have been manning shortstop and not third. Not to say he wouldn't still get hurt but I would have liked him in his major league team's position.

That said, I have never been able to acquire his autograph in person. He never has seemed to sign when I have been at the stadium and he constantly passed me up while in Arizona. I purchased this ball a couple years ago when he was still playing with the Marlins. I like to have one autographed ball of each year's All Star game. I prefer to have Dodgers but if that is not doable at the time I look for a star that I would want but don't have as yet in my collection. Well I found this PSA authenticated baseball on eBay that perked my interest. Problem was that back then Hanley was more popular than he is today and the prices reflected that. Didn't pay anything out of pocket as I had excess money from my sales on eBay but the total was around $70. At that time I thought that was a deal considering the up tick in price due to it being an All Star baseball but in hindsight now that is probably $20-$30 of an overpay. At the time though I wanted the ball and was going to win the auction which I did. Sometimes you have great buys and sometimes in the long run you realize, not so much. Either way though I am happy to have added this to my collection and more so when he became a Dodger. Now we just need him to get well soon for the 2013 season.

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