Friday, March 22, 2013

Bad eBay Experience Turned Great In The End AKA Signed Ball of the Day : Miguel Cabrera ( ROMLB Sweet Spot PSA Graded 9.5 )

Not all of my experiences have been good. Some have outright been criminal as one person stole a computer from me ( didn't return it after I sold it and they didn't want it but kept it anyways and demanded refund ). Well I was a victim of another one this past week as I have been on the look out for a PSA authenticated Miguel Cabrera autograph that also was graded at least a 9. I was being realistic as most 9.5's go for over $150 and I didn't have that in reserve. I had made about $120 from my sales and wanted to finally honker down and get my Miguel Cabrera ball. Saw this auction and it was described as a PSA 9 sealed Miguel Cabrera autographed baseball. Just what I wanted. Seller had perfect feedback though it was under a 100 but I thought no worries. I won the auction at $119 delivered and was ecstatic that I finally got my Miguel Cabrera ball. He shipped it out a few days later and I received it within a week of close of the auction. Got the box and heard something moving inside. Never a good sign. Opened it up and this is what I got :

Are you kidding me? So this qualifies as a SEALED PSA 9 graded baseball nowadays? Notice the stain and obviously its rolling around within the box so God knows what else happened. Contacted the seller and though nice stated that " That damn Post Office. They must have opened the box and then the case and threw it back in ". Uh, yeah right. I have heard and received damaged boxes in the mail but its the box that is damaged not something sealed and then opened and thrown back in. Come on. He said send it back and I will be reimbursed for the transaction. If for some reason once he receives it and doesn't refund me ( remember people always add a tracking number so they can't say they never got it, lost, etc ) I will have eBay on my side and they will make sure I get my money. As of today it is in his area but not delivered per USPS.

While I waited for that I saw another 2 auctions but they were for PSA graded 9.5 balls and though I would prefer that over a 9 the price would be more. The first auction was ending this past Sunday and I bidded on it at the end for $130 to see if that could compensate for the grade hike difference. Nope, it sold for $157 delivered. Disappointed but expected. The second auction was ending this past Tuesday and again I put my $130 bid in and low and behold the winning bid came in at $126 and delivered at $133. So for $14 more than my original win I received a 9.5 instead of a plain old 9. The ball came in yesterday ( Thursday ) just two days after I won and as stated I am still waiting for a refund from the first terrible auction. So I now have a great looking ball of last years AL MVP ( Trout should have won ) and the first person in decades to win the hitter's triple crown. A great achievement. At this moment I believe he is a lock for the Hall of Fame. He is a World Series Champion, Triple Crown winner, MVP, Batting Title etc. He was in trade talks back when he was traded to the Tigers but what the Marlins wanted were Kershaw AND Kemp. Thankfully that never happened.


  1. nice pickup! hope the refund comes in quickly from that shady seller.

  2. Thanks. He said Tuesday so if I don't see it then I will open case and get my money back that way.