Friday, March 29, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Matt Kemp ( 2011 All-Star Baseball )

Another day, another signed Kemp baseball and this time we are back to the specialty variety.

2011 was the first year that Matt Kemp made the All-Star team and I didn't want to miss an opportunity of having him sign an All-Star baseball. The game was being played in Arizona so the ball has the Diamondback's team colors. I always love these specialty balls as they have different color threads than the regulation ones. Once they went on sale I purchased one and tried to figure out when I could get Matt to sign the ball. He was having a fantastic start to the season and I wasn't able to get him to sign at the stadium and like old faithful I noticed Frank and Sons was doing another signing so I forked over the necessary cash to acquire his signature there instead. Again I bought the ticket way in advance so I had front of the line access. Thank God I did. When I arrived the crowd was massive and later on I asked and the promoters estimated that there were thousands for a hour and half scheduled signing. That is a lot of people and hundreds went home empty handed. Matt as always arrived on time and started signing. Got up to the table and had him sign right under the All-Star logo. All this sounds like a broken record but he is always pleasant and engaging with fans. So I finally got a signed All-Star baseball representing his first appearance at the Mid-Summer's classic. Since he has appeared in two of them you know what tomorrow's subject will be but for now this looks great with my other Kemp and All-Star baseballs on my shelf. Another great addition to my collection.

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