Friday, March 15, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Pete Rose ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Back to the in person autographs and I'm gonna with go old timers for a little while. Starting off with the all-time hit king, Pete Rose. Whether you are for him or against him in being enshrined in the Hall of Fame you can't deny what he did on the field. He had a long career and produced the most hits in MLB history. A feat that will stand for a long time but not sure if forever.

I originally bought an authenticated signed ball back in 2010 to add to my collection but late that year it was announced that he would do a public signing in January of 2011. So I sold the ball and made plans to head to Living Spaces in La Mirada. I've been here before and considering it was a two hour signing and it was off season I didn't expect too long of a line. Arrived around 8 in the morning and the line was at least 150 people deep. I guessed wrong but since it was a two hour gig it wasn't too bad. Pete arrived on time and started signing but the line moved slowly and once I was inside I found out why. Being 150th of so in line I didn't worry too much about me getting an autograph but it was 11:40 til I got to the Pete's table and he was talking on the phone and not signing. I heard from others that this was going on constantly and that was a main reason the line was going so slow. Pete was nice enough and engaged with fans if he was spoken too. Had Pete sign the ball on the sweet spot and he added his hit total of 4256. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning during baseball off season by getting a free autograph from a would be Hall of Famer.

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