Monday, March 11, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Jose Canseco ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Jose Canceso did a public appearance this past Saturday the 9th at a new store in Whittier named Harry's Dugout. A couple of years ago I probably wouldn't have bothered getting his autograph but I do enjoy getting in person autographs moreso now even if they are not tied to the Dodgers in anyway. Since I got Mark McGwire's autograph earlier this year I thought why not add the other Bash Brother from back in the day.

I headed over to this new store in Whittier and I felt I was in a time warp. This store reminds me of a lot the stores I frequented back in the 1990's. It's in a two story building that also doubles what looks to be an apartment upstairs with the actual store in front. When you walk in there are two small walls with shelves of some boxes of cards and then a few display cases with singles for sale. The owners were nice and hope they can make this store work and be profitable but I know how hard it is to maintain these small card shops and that is why there are fewer and fewer around nowadays.

I arrived around 1:15 as the signing was scheduled to take place between 1-4 and as I didn't expect that long of a line. I was about 25th once I bought my ticket. Line was moving slowly but that was due to Jose engaging anyone that wanted to chat with him. I do enjoy friendly players. I actually did not expect him to be that open considering what I have read online about him and the books he has written but I was pleasantly surprised. Got up to the table where he was sitting and handed him a ball and a pen and he made a comment on how everyone seems to bring their own pens nowadays. I personally want to use something that I know that won't bleed. He signed it on the sweet spot and I asked if he minded if I took a pic with him which he obliged. Wasn't going to wear A's or any other team he played for which I noticed a lot people were wearing so I am repping the USA as they were scheduled to play Italy that night.

I left around 1:45 and there was about 10 people left in line and he was scheduled for almost two more hours so I wish this store good luck and hope they can make their own niche in this hard business climate. They have Tim Wallach scheduled next month and Josh Reddick of the A's in July and I will be attending both.

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