Thursday, March 14, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Giancarlo " Mike " Stanton ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Day two of autographs from our USA team that hopefully will make it past the second round for the first time in WBC history. Yesterday we looked at veteran Joe Mauer and today it's Giancarlo Stanton't turn.

This young kid is a beast. Plan and simple. He will still be 23 when this season is over and has already amassed 93 home runs. A lot of them have just been majestic. He wears number 27 and that seems to be the magic number nowadays. Stanton, Trout and our own beloved Kemp all sport these digits. Sad to say Giancarlo is playing for the AAAA Miami Marlins and he has voiced his displeasure with the direction of the team. I feel comfortable in saying he will not play his entire career in Miami and that is a good thing. He would look good in Dodger blue as he is a hometown boy but I don't ever see that happening but we can all dream. He is at least 3 to 4 years from his prime and by then we might be talking about his Hall of Fame trajectory if he continues to do what he is currently doing. He is just getting better and better and only injury and no support around him will slow him down.

I bought this ball when I was in my " lets get all the hot rookies autographs on baseballs " phase. That was a couple of years ago and at that time Giancarlo was going by Mike and his autograph on a ball wasn't too pricey on eBay. Since there was no real urgency to acquiring the ball I was going to buy at my price and not the sellers. I spent a few months watching auctions here and there and I finally found and won an auction for a total of just over $25 with free shipping. It is a sweet spot signed baseball that has been authenticated by PSA with their special "R'ookiegraph sticker. So its basically a rookie card in signed baseball form. The sticker can only be adorned onto a ball during the players rookie year. I think the ball might be a very valuable piece in my collection in the future. Ball looks great and I am happy that I got to acquire it before it skyrockets in price.



  1. Damn that's a sweet sig! Good job picking this one up early in his career.

    1. TY. Sometimes you get lucky and get it before it skyrockets. I just paid (overpaid) for a miguel cabrera. You win some you lose some.