Saturday, March 30, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Yasiel Puig ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Finally, got to met the ever so elusive Yasiel Puig. Anyone that has read the AZ recap knows that I went 3 different days to Camelback and each time Yasiel walked by me and declined to sign for me. A couple of times he signed for people right next to me just not for me. Ugh. I even asked him in Spanish one time ( I don't speak the language but I learned how to ask for an autograph politely ) and he very nicely declined.

So I came back to California empty handed and then went and bought a pre-signed baseball by Mr. Puig. A couple days later it was announced that Yasiel would be doing a public signing at South Bay Cards in Lomita. Hop, skip and a jump for me. Called the store and bought my ticket.

Arrived at SB Cards around 8:15 and no one was there so I had some breakfast and noticed around 8:30 a line of 2 so I ventured back over and ended up number being fourth in line. Chatted up with some fellow fans and around 10:05 Yasiel showed up in a limo with his entourage. Once inside the signing started promptly. Said hello and he was more mellow today than he was when I was around him in Arizona earlier in the month. He signed the ball on the sweet spot and I said thank you and he quietly said your welcome. This being his first public signing ever might have been a bit overwhelming for him as it is a new experience. Not rude just not too talkative. Got the ball PSA authenticated with the "R"ookiegraph designation. I now own two signed balls of Yasiel. They both have the PSA "R"ookiegraph now as well. They look great and I am always open to a trade if anyone is interested. Thank you again to South Bay Cards for holding the event and thank you to Yasiel for doing the appearance. We shall see this young man on the major league team sometime this year.


  1. Nice looking autos of a future star. What exactly is a rookiegraph designation?

  2. Rookiegraph is the designation of a player signing during his rookie season so the cert number starts with a R. After the first season it can no longer have a R. Will always start with another letter or a number. Basically ala a Rookie Card.