Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Matt Kemp ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Day three in the Matt Kemp appreciation week. Today is a simple, boring ole single signed, sweet spot baseball. Nothing more, nothing less. But it is still a strong signature from the Kempman.

As stated yesterday I had a sweet spot signed ball of Matt but I gave it to a friend as a gift. Since that time I had acquired other specialty signed balls but never the traditional sweet spot one. I was out in Arizona last year and I happened to be there the weekend that the Dodgers and White Sox held a public batting practice session bookended by the players signing for all those in attendance. The White Sox signed first and it was kind of sad as there were players just standing around waiting for someone to ask them to sign. Felt sorry for them. The Dodgers were next and everyone prepped to see who was going to sign where as they had one or two Dodgers at each station/section to sign. I wanted Clayton Kershaw and to finally replace my Matt Kemp ball. Once we found out where both of them were going to be it was a mad dash by everyone in the stadium. I decided to stay in the Kershaw line and was disappointed as once I was about 5th in line they cut off the signing. I left without Kershaw's autograph once more. I sent my buddy over to the Kemp line and saw that they cut the line off around the same time they did Kershaw's but my luck was better there. Kemp signed the ball for him and 2 people after that the line was stopped. I finally got to replace my Kemp signed ball. Looks good back on my shelf.


  1. sweet! I'm still looking to pick up a sweet-spot Mattycakes ball.

  2. ty sir. surprised you don't have one.