Tuesday, December 2, 2014

BGS Submission Update Eight - 2012 Bowman Sterling : Corey Seager Base Autograph Refractor Parallel (39/199) Now Graded and Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5

Original Submission Post
Beckett Book Value : $50

Now fiinished with the non gem mint returns I turn my attention to the first of 11 gold banner results. Sadly though this is the first of 3 that even though it earned a gem mint grade it is a disappointment to me.

On the original post I was worried about a potential surface flaw but that did not affect the grade as it earned a 9.5. The only knock on the card were the corners which earned a 9. So why the disappointment with the return grade? The annoying 9 grade on autograph. I think BGS is getting a little too picky on these signatures. I have seen a lot worse autographs than this one earn a 10 and the reason this got a 9 was because where Corey links his C and S the pen streaks just a tad. Barely. BGS still knocks it down a peg and now I have yet another overall gem mint card with a mint autograph grade. The only thing more annoying that this type of 9 on an autograph is what happened to another one of my cards. That one will be shown in a few days.

This is still a great card even with the minor annoyance. I think Corey is going to be a stud when he gets called up. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Stupid 9

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