Thursday, December 11, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Chrome : Yasiel Puig Base Black Refractor Parallel (98/100)

Book value : $15
Yeah, no.
I love me some Dodgers and love me some black parallels but the assigned prices to some of these new releases just boggle my mind at times. Even though the card is limited and numbered to only 100 I just can't see how people would spend that much for a new card that is not a rookie but to each their own I guess.

Well I sat on the sidelines till this card became more reasonable in price and once Bowman Chrome was released this card's price did indeed plummet. I watched various auctions and prices continued to go downward until it hit the $5 mark and with that I jumped back into the auction pool to see what I could pick it up for. This one showed up on the bay for a starting asking price of just $2.99. Very reasonable in my eyes and on the last day with no bids on it I put mine in and ended up being the only person to do so and with that I won my black Puig for the set.

$15- not so much
$2.99 - all day everyday

98 of 100

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