Sunday, December 7, 2014

Player Appearance / Signing Recap : Steve Sax @ Dr. Liu's Optometry On December 6th, 2014

Sax and I back in February of this year.

Began the year by meeting Steve Sax for the first time and now I am ending the year with meeting him one more time.

Back in February Dr. Liu hosted a Sax in store signing and I ventured over to the office for the very first time. You can read the recap HERE . How things can change in a little under a year. 10 months separate February and December and in that time I went from collecting primarily signed baseballs to almost stopping that completely (aside from the occasional black ball) and moving onto cards and getting 8x10's signed. With that said I sold off the Sax ball and was now looking to replace it with a signed photo by him. I originally thought I would do the "traditional" baseball photo and then I remembered a project I thought I may or may not do. Enter The Simpsons.

Back in 1992 The Simpsons did the baseball episode entitled "Homer at the Bat" which is classic to this day among fans. Below is the Mr. Burns baseball team that he put on the field during that episode.

As you can see there are 9 former baseball players. Being in Los Angeles I believe I have a good chance at getting Mattingly and Scioscia at some point this year. Canseco should be obtainable once his finger is better from being shot off by Jose himself. Ha Ha. The others are going to be hard but that leaves us with Steve for now. What better way to start the project than with the former Dodger? Off I went to Dr. Liu's with photo in hand to get the first autograph of a project that let's be real probably won't ever be completed. Won't stop me from trying though.

Headed off to the office and I barely made it as it was close to 3;45 but it looked like everyone that wanted Steve's autograph had already been there and gone as there was no line. I paid my fee and promptly placed my photo in front of Steve and now I have the first signature for the photo. Said thank you to Steve for once again showing up and signing for fans and I was on my way.

Thank you again for Alex Lui and his staff for hosting and promoting yet another smooth signing. I look forward to the next one.

Wide view

Closer view

Also for more information on Steve Sax's foundation and his cause please visit his website at this address : Foundation


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    1. TY
      and i thought my Matt Kemp project was going to take a long time. This one will take forever

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  3. Awesome project! Best of luck with it. I'll have to be content with separate autographed cards of each of those guys, but all on one nice Simpsons print would be really cool.

    1. Thank you.
      Have a buddy doing the same thing.
      Thankfully being in LA 4 of them is pretty easy. Jr and Roger will be the hardest I assume. Heard Boggs does TTM so I will being going that route with him