Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Card of the Day - 2004 Sweet Spot : Odalis Perez Base Autograph

I went into the way back machine to pick up this autograph of Odalis who was part of a trade that brought him to the Dodgers from the Braves for Gary Sheffield.

There are many autographs of players that played for the Dodgers that I can never remember them all but once I stumble across one then it stays on my wish list till I can find a decent copy at a decent price. When I first saw this card most sellers were asking at least $6-7 for it. Yeah, no. I love me some autographs but I am not going to sink "big" money into a card just to have said autograph.

Various copies of this card kept popping up on the bay and each time I passed till this one showed up with a starting bid of a penny. Now that is more up my alley. I set myself a low ceiling that I was willing to live with. In the end there were only 2 bids on this card with mine being the high one for a grand total of 5 quarters. Definitely a price I could live with.

Card isn't perfect but was expecting or needing it to be for that amount.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day

- Penguin

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