Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Clayton Kershaw Project Update

. . . Is it Baseball Season yet?

Even though its not I am now ready as I have received my jersey back from Pro Image with the customization that I sent it in for.

When I scored this jersey for a great deal on eBay as shown HERE the intention was to always get Kershaw's name and number sewn onto it. While all of my other jerseys have my name on the back but Kershaw is in a league of his own and I think even though he will opt out of his contract when he can he will resign and eventually retire as a Dodger and enter the Hall of Fame as one as well. It was finally time to get a jersey with his name on it.

As stated in the original post, the price was prohibitive coming from either the stadium or online stores so I went the blank back route and then once in hand have the numbers and name sewn on it. Took a little more than 4 weeks to get back but it is now back in my possession and it looks great. I have tossed it into my dry cleaner pile and will get it cleaned and pressed shortly. I will then put it on a hanger and it will wait there in the closet till the season begins to finally be worn.

This was my birthday gift to myself and at a fraction of the cost it would have put me back if I were to have purchased it at the stadium. Bring on the 2015 season already . . .

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading.

- Penguin

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