Monday, December 1, 2014

December Desires

The final month of the year is finally upon us and though it has been an up and down year overall it still has been a very good year. Not all things or plans went according to plan but when do they ever do 100% of the time? Yeah, never. 31 days till we ring in the new year and with it new or renewed hopes are floating in our heads once again. While 2014 was good I have higher hopes for 2015.

Well the biggest event of December is always Christmas time. Christmas is always better when you are with friends and family and it is no different in my household. We always have friends in from out of town and mom comes over to open presents and enjoy a long weekend with the wife and I. We eat to our hearts content and squeeze in as many movies as we can get during the day/weekend. I know not all of you can be with your loved ones on actual Christmas day but reaching out to wish that special person in your life Merry Christmas will probably make their day. I for one sometimes forget but I will try my hardest this year to at least send out a text.

While there are a few movies that I look forward to seeing I will no doubt be attending the biggest event this month for me other than actual Christmas day/weekend as the annual Vandals show at the House of Blues is upon us once again. The wife, and at that time girlfriend, took me to my first Vandals show back in 2005 and this year will mark the 10th time we have attended this show. Though it may not be for everyone I love the humor from the band and my favorite song from them which is "It's Christmas Time for my Penis". Yes, my penis. I never watched many live shows prior to meeting the wife but this is the one show I mark on my calendar each year as a can't miss with her.

Of course there are a few baseball signings to attend this month as well. Baseball really is turning into a year long season thanks to the multiple stops that the Dodgers will do on their mall tour and paid signings at local store and shows. I'll be at a few for sure so see you there.

While this December brings about the final month of the year with mixed results from the prior 11 months which by no means diminishes the promise of a great last 31 days of the year. As the new year fast approaches I take a look back at 2014 and realize that I had a blast for the most part. True, things could have gone better in my personal and work life but I am thankful for what I did achieve and get to do. I hope this final month brings much joy to me and my loved ones and hope your experience is the same.

. . . and we are now a little more than 2+ months away from pitchers and catchers reporting. Bring on the new baseball season.


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