Friday, December 5, 2014

Trade with Twitter Friend Mike AKA The Phillies Guy

Upper Deck of Kuroda

I did my first trade with Mike also know as The Phillies Guy on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. He sent out a Tweet asking if anyone had a couple of Jose Fernandez cards that he was in search of and I noticed I happened to have one.

Donruss of Piazza

The one I had was the photo variation that was only included in the 2013 Topps factory set which my wife bought me as a Christmas gift last year. Thanks go out to her once more for contributed to my "habit". With no attachment to that card as I am not a Marlins fan and I already have the one card I really want of Jose (BC rookie card) I saw no reason to not help out a fellow collector.

Andruw Jones in Blue
Reason I selected this one to post was to irritate Dodger fans.
Ah, remember the days with his F'ing smirk?

Value for the Hernandez card is minimal and I told Mike to send back whatever he felt like as anything I "needed" would not be of equal value. Knowing I am a Dodger fan he sent over quite a few cards from sets that I haven't seen in ages.

Old school Upper Deck of the straw man

As you can see from the above pictures he sent me a wide variety of players from different sets and years. There were too many to post (feel bad, quantity wise he sent way more than needed) so I posted a few of my favorites.

Thank you again to Mike for a problem free trade and I am glad I could help out a fellow collector. Look forward to our next trade.

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