Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Chrome : Kenley Jansen Base Black Refractor Parallel (15/100)

It's been awhile but I finally picked up another limited parallel for the handful of change of 99 cents. These black parallels seem to be more plentiful this year compared to last year. Though both years have the equal amount of 100 I have seen more copies of each player this year. Go figure.

Even with that though people are setting most of their auctions at a higher than reasonable starting amount in my eyes. So when this copy came up with a starting asking price of 99 cents I knew I would be in on it as I suspected there would not be many people bidding on this card and to no surprise at the end of the auction I was the one and only one to do so.

Great horizontal card of an underrated closer. Now if we can just build a bullpen to get to the 9th so we can use Kenley more efficiently.

15 / 100

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