Saturday, May 14, 2016

Card of the Day - 1954 Topps : Billy Herman Base BVG Graded Very Good / Excellent Plus 4.5

The smallest "name" for my vintage collection was picked up for the mere cost of a cheap lunch. Even though Billy is not in the same league as the Koufaxs, the Jackies and the Drysdales he is just like them as he is a member of the baseball Hall of Fame and that is an awesome club to be in.

I am being truthful when I state that before I came across this card on eBay that I had never heard of Billy. A quick google search revealed that his credentials were deserving to be in my collection. Of course if this card was in raw form I wouldn't have given it a second thought of picking it up but it being in a BVG case and with the cost so low I couldn't pass up on the deal. I had to wait a week but I ended up winning the card on a traditional auction with my one and only bid.

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