Saturday, May 28, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Finest : Sand Koufax Generations Insert Refractor Parallel (9/25)

Kept waiting...

That is what I did for this card. I first came across it during one of my random Koufax searches and considering it is one of only a handful of current cards of Sandy that are numbered I wanted to add it to my growing collection. The issue was the cost as none were on traditional auctions. All were on BIN and each one was set a high price with no best offer option. No bueno for Penguino.

Each copy sat on my watch list for months in the hope that someday one of these sellers would realize they were asking too much for it. Finally the day came when one finally did figure it out and dropped their price by more than 50%. I saw the adjustment and jumped all over it and acquired it. Hoping it would come in great condition as I would love to get this graded and thankfully once in hand and under a loop I now believe nothing but a gold banner is destined for this Koufax beauty.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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