Sunday, May 1, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps : Clayton Kershaw Base Framed Parallel (12/16)

A copy of this card has/had been so elusive for me that when I found this one it had been on eBay for over 2 weeks at an asking price lower than any other one had sold for I couldn't believe it. It should have been long gone before I ever saw but it wasn't and I do not know why that is.

With only 16 copies this year (last year's had a print run of 20) it has been a harder pursuit than usual to land one for my collection. There had been at least 5 copies to have popped up on eBay and each one I lost out on including a couple to people I know. Since I have all 4 framed Kershaws from last year's set I had to some how find one from this year's set to continue the ongoing project. My basic Kershaw search aka bare bone wording for eBay resulted in daily messages saying none existed. One day I was more specific and this one popped up from a seller from Canada with said lower asking price. He also included a best offer option. No one had this on their watch list so I took the risk of sending in an offer that was 35% less than any other copy sold for and I expected a rejection notice but it never came. The seller promptly accepted the offer with no counter. With the card coming from Canada it took about 2 weeks to receive but once I did I can see no issues and I hope to add this to my framed parallel gem mint collection when BGS is back in town.

I still find it odd (but I am very thankful) that it never showed up on the basic search but only did on the detailed search. Another funny thing is if you look at completed sales for a framed Kershaw this copy does not show up. It's like the card/auction never existed on eBay. Not going to complain as I scored a deal and happy to finally pick it up.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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