Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Finest : Mike Trout 1994 Retro Insert Refractor Parallel (24/25) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

The retro refractor I ended up getting is not the one I was hunting for but it is still a great item for my Mike Trout collection.

I have stated before that the 1993 Topps Finest set was and still one of my favorite sets of all time. Back in 2013 Topps brought back the Finest brand and had a retro insert set featuring current players based on the card design from the 1993 set. I acquired what I wanted from that set but have been on the look out for a refractor of the Mike Trout card. With it being numbered out of only 25 it has been immensely difficult to locate one. To this day that search continues but on a random day looking for that card I came across this one.

9 + 9.5 + 9.5 + 10 = GEM

After the success of the 1993 retro insert set Topps decided to include a 1994 retro version in their 2014 Finest release. Back in 1994 the design turned me off as I thought it was too "colorful". I still think it is a tad much but I like it a little more than 22 years ago. That said, all those feelings went away when I saw this BGS 9.5 refractor of Mike Trout. If I couldn't have the 93 version maybe I could have the 94 version to satisfy my wants for the time being. Of course with such a low print run there is no book to go by for purchasing purposes. It being already graded made my acceptable price ceiling higher than an ungraded one would have been.

There were only 2 bids on the auction but my bid (which never is a round number) made the winning bid exactly what I entered. I literally won with no room for error. Now with this beauty in hand I can turn my focus back to that 1993 refractor I really want.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Now that is a beautiful card! The '94 set is/was my all time favorite, although '93 is close behind. The colors just pop! IMO these refractors will stand the test of time and will eventually become one of the most desirable sub-sets in recent memory. kind of like what happened with the 2011 Topps Marquee Museum gold frames.

    1. Now you make me want to hold on to it longer. Haha. I was debating on selling it to finance acquiring the 2013 version which I like more. But maybe it will be prudent to just have both.

    2. I'm sitting here at my desk at work drinking my coffee and staring at this card again. lol I don't collect Trout at all, but this has to be one of the nicest I've seen, and it makes me want to run out an get one for myself. I saw the 2013 version that you want, and it's nice too.

    3. There are a few copies of the 2013 version on eBay but the price is high hence my thinking of selling this one to get that one. But I will probably just hold out. Of course if you want this I can trade it for one of your framed Kershaws.
      = )