Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Card of the Day - 1955 Topps : Sandy Koufax Base BVG Graded Good-Very Good 2.5

The condition of this card is far from mint, not even close by any standards, but it is the perfect card in my every growing Koufax collection and THE card to have if you are a serious Koufax collector. This fine readers is my new crown jewel (non autograph) of my Koufax collection, his rookie card from 1955.

I am very surprised I have been able to lock down a copy of this card in such a short time of my original pursuit of it. My goal since I decided to acquire vintage BVG graded cards of the Dodgers from the 50's and 60's and especially Koufax was to have Sandy's base card from every year between 1955-1966. A total of 12 cards. I have been lucky enough to pick up a few at a reasonable amount but I knew getting this 1955 copy would be the biggest hurdle yet in the end I barely broke a sweat as I was at the right place at the right time.

I had seen similar graded versions of this card sell for over $200 and even some in "worse" condition sell for that amount. Too much for my tastes but along came this one which the seller put up for sale for $200 on a BIN auction. There it sat for weeks unsold till he altered it and added a best offer option. That's when I dove in and sent over an offer way below any other similar card sold for in recent months. A day and half past and no answer from the seller until I received an email stating he accepted my offer with no counter. Happy day happy day.

This card is 61 years old. It is a piece of baseball history as this bonus baby would become one of the greatest pitchers in baseball. A 2.5 has never felt like a 9.5 till today and I am ecstatic that I have this beauty in my collection finally

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Wow, you got one! The grade doesn’t matter much if you’re just in it to collect for fun. This card is just a classic! You really can’t consider yourself a Koufax collector unless you have one of these. So happy for you!

  2. Yup. Just want 1 from each yr (1955-1966) and grade (unless its a 1) means nothing to me as I just want them for the collection. Thank you again

    1. Same here! I like the PSA 4's. They look just as nice as the PSA 5's IMO and cost much less.