Friday, May 6, 2016

Mike Trout As A Dodger ? Say It's So

My 2 current favorite players on my favorite team the Dodgers? I can dream as I could never see Arte Moreno, the Anaheim Angels owner trading his franchise player to the team up the 5 freeway but with the snakebite Angels getting hurt what seems to be everyday there are rumblings that Mike might have to be traded at some point down the road. To be clear I just can't see him being traded as he has too much value to the city and team in Anaheim and even if he did I can almost say with certainty if he did get moved it would not be to the Dodgers. That said it is fun to draw up trade scenarios and I thought I would dabble in the fantasy world of Mike being traded to the Dodgers.

I do think the Dodgers would be one of the better trade partners for the Angels to do business with as we have a deep farm system (controllable players) and can mix and match major and minor league players to send to the Angels for Trout. Another advantage the Dodgers would have is that if Arte ever really was going to move Mike he would prefer to get him out of AL.Being realistic it would take quite a haul to land Trout which probably takes at least 5 players and some overpay on the Dodgers part. All the reason why I think this would never happen but it is fun to dream about it.

Mike is 24 and locked into a team friendly contract till 2020 when he would be only 29 so the Dodgers would have to send some MLB ready players on top of cheap MLB players so you know it starts with Puig and probably ends with Urias. I am doing this trade scenario with Kershaw and Corey Seager being the untouchables. So this is what I think would be an acceptable trade for both parties but again still don't see it ever happening.

Dodgers get Mike Trout
Angels get Yasiel Puig, Julio Urias, Joc Pederson, Cody Bellinger and DeLeon.

To get something you have to give up something and that is what the Dodgers would have to do. Out of all of these players Puig leaving would the easiest to swallow. The new Dodgers line up would be something like this :

Kike/Thompson RF
Seager SS
Trout CF
Gonzalez 1B
Turner 3B
Grandal C
Ethier LF
Howie 2B
Kershaw P

A great lineup for the Dodgers to put on the field but their pitching depth would be hampered more so for the next couple of years and the successor to Adrian would be gone as well. Joc looks to be better this year but you would be replacing him with Trout so there is no question their what you would do. So who says no 1st?

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  1. I doubt the Angels do that trade. They'll need a lot more. In addition to those names you'd have to add Corey Seager (Seager's a goner), Grant Holmes, Alex Verdugo, Starling Heredia and two fringe top 20 guys (the Chase De Jong and Willie Calhouns of the world). Ultimately LAA is going to want MLB ready hitting, pitching and some prospects to rejuvenate their farm system. LAD might have a deep farm system but one has to wonder what other teams with more cost controlled proven MLB assets (the kind the Astros and Cubs have) could do an even better job of being a trading partner for LAA.

    1. I didnt think Holmes would be something the Angels would want but I did forget about Verdugo ans you are right about that. I think Dodgers wont trade Seager and that is why he is not part of scenario which makes it happening that much less. The same reason they wont trade Mike to the Dodgers applies to Astros. No way do they trade in division. I thought about Cubs but I think they like their nucelus and dont want to break it up. Of course just my opinion