Saturday, May 21, 2016

Card of the Day - 1959 Topps : Gil Hodges Base BVG Graded Excellent Mint 6.0

For shame Penguin for shame.

As I search and try to acquire a card of almost every "major" players that played for the Dodgers during the 50's and early 60's I totally forgot about Gil. Mr. Hodges while not in the Hall of Fame (hot debate for years) he was instrumental in all the Brooklyn post season runs and I can't believe that he was not on my watch list.

I came across an article on some Dodger blog and reading it jogged my memory and made me realized I had to have at least 1 card of Gil in my collection. Thankfully since he is not a big as name as other Dodgers the cost to pick up a graded card is/was quite minimal and I just had to find the best deal in a decent condition. Plenty of cards to choose from on eBay and this one was on a BIN auction for at least 60 days and no one had picked it up. I hoped that would work in my favor as maybe the seller would sell it just to get it off his hands. Sent over an offer in the single digits and secured my first and probably only Gil Hodges card a few hours later.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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